Saturday, December 15, 2018

Now and Then

The last time I saw my beloved Vulcan 750, Clinton was President. No, the other Clinton.

My bike returned home this week and I'm washing her with loving care. I remember her unique curves and distinctive features, like a pill-shaped air-box and a secret storage compartment built into the seat. I know this bike so intimately; you always pay more attention to your first.

A question pops into my mind -- which of us weathered the past two decades better? Or, more honestly, who looks worse after 20 years? I'm not going to share my thoughts on that but age certainly takes a toll. On all of us, human and machine.

Seeing the sharp contrast of this bike now (showing visible decay) with its past glory makes me look in the mirror and assess the ravages of time on my own body over the past 7,000 days. We both lived, we both waned. Fortunately, we both survived.

How does the you of today compare to the you of twenty years ago?


  1. I try not to think about it or compare myself, honestly. It is too depressing. The main thing is I'm still here and I guess that counts for something.


    1. Okay. That sounds healthy. I try to remember that I'm younger today than I will be in the future -- and savor that.

  2. I know that I'm feeling much better in my skin than I did, say, 20 years ago, creaking joint notwithstanding. I've learned to take every day as it comes. xxx

  3. Oh, physically, I'm healthier. Appearance-wise, a little wrinklier but I'm happy with how I look, even though that's saggy. Brainwise, my head's always been a jumble.

  4. Well, 20 years ago I was 15. So appearance-wise I'm definitely heavier, which isn't fun. But I'm definitely happier and more confident now.

  5. I was not in a great place. Housebound, physically ill, psychiatrist, childless. So grateful to think about the improvement! xo Jazzy Jack

  6. Aiiaia... I am pretty sure I looked younger than now ! However I am not sure I'd like to be there and then.

  7. Time certainly takes a toll and adds patina too. I look different than I did twenty years ago certainly...but I am okay with change. If only my spine was twenty years younger tho..