Friday, June 8, 2018

The Secret

Yesterday I rode my motorcycle for two hours to visit a store and buy something I can get anywhere (loose tea in Port Jeff). There's a lesson here: do what you love, no matter how crazy it seems to others. Happiness is simple: pursue intrinsic joys and ignore social convention.

P.S., This ice cream cone, mounted on a building, is bigger than you are!


  1. I agree, do what you love and live life as if you're not promised tomorrow because it is just too precious not too. Happy weekend buddy.

  2. I think it is awesome that you can combine something practical with something fun.

    It's the perfect time for ice cream!


    1. I look for ways to combine the two. It makes getting chores done more fun.

  3. I'm sure you don't need a reason to ride your motorcycle, but if you can return home with loose tea and a picture of a huge ice cream, it only makes it better! xxx

  4. Fantastic advice! Just live life - have fun sometimes. And loving that ice cream cone. :)


  5. I agree ... Tomorrow I am taking my niece and going to drive about an hour (but with our fuel price being at a record high that is quite far!!!) to have some french toast @ a place called French Toast and then some condensed milk coffee at a place in a building styled like a windmill. And then to end off the day we are sleeping over at an Elephant Sanctuary and starting Tuesday morning at 08h00 interacting with the elephants ... Totally worth the drive.

  6. Sometimes the joy is in the journey. I will never turn down a road trip, no matter what it's for. That ice cream cone looks good enough to eat!