Friday, June 1, 2018

Summer Travel

I've been making plans to ride my motorcycle this Summer. Here are the destinations:

- Watkins Glen: I hear the state park in this Finger Lake region is one of the most scenic in the country. It's 300 miles from my home.

- Potsdam: North of the Adirondacks, this rural town is home to my good friend Aimee. 380 miles.

- Montreal: I love Canada and this is one city I haven't visited yet. 400 miles.

- Columbus, Ohio: I like this Midwestern city whose biggest draw is my friend Emma. 575 miles.

- Detroit: Two years ago my pal Sara showed me the many attractions of this transitioning city; I'm returning to hang out with her. 600 miles.

- Hudson, NY: The hippest town in all upstate. 150 miles.

And that's only through August. I enjoy rides in September and October when the weather is still good and places are less crowded.

You might wonder why I'm so active, particularly since I have a full-time job that demands time and energy. It's because of uncertainty in the future. Nobody knows what tomorrow holds. I choose to enjoy life while I have the chance. Even though I'm still "young" and in good health, things can go South fast. I had a friend Geoff who, in his forties, got a brain tumor and died suddenly. Also, in my family, my mother and brother passed away at early ages with little warning. I don't take longevity for granted.

Where are you going this Summer?


  1. How wonderful that you've planned so many trips, Ally. I should take a leaf out of your book, really. So far, I've planned 2 weeks in the UK (in just 2 weeks' time, yay!) and a week in the West of Belgium in September. xxx

    1. Do it! Travel is fun. We never regret going on trips.

  2. I've heard that Watkins Glen is really nice! There are a lot of cool scenic spots through Pennsylvania, as well - my goal this summer is to hit a bunch of those, and perhaps some in upstate New York as well.

    1. I love PA; you're right it has many beautiful places.

  3. Sounds fun! We have a very active travel life within our three properties!
    I wonder why New York is the only state I here referred to as " upstate"? It's not a term we use over here.
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. New York is geographically large (the northern border hits Canada) and the difference between downstate (NYC) and upstate (everywhere north of the city) couldn't be starker. NYC is urban, liberal and wealthy; upstate is rural, conservative and poor. It's as if two radically different places were yoked together with twine.

  4. You've got some fun trips on your agenda! I used to go up through the Adirondacks for summer camp when I was younger, but haven't been to that area in years. I definitely need to make my way up there again soon.

  5. Happy trails
    When you go to Watkins bring along the album by Dylan and The Band, "Before The Flood" The concert at Watkins Glen had more people than Woodstock. Great music. Try to get a car to run around the track. It goes backwards. One of my sons ran a winery on Seneca Lake. Doing the wine tour is great fun...although I am not sure it works well with a bike ride. Just before Watkins you have to stop and take a look at Montour Falls. It passes under a bridge. One year we were at a festival on Main Street in Montour Falls. you just look up the block at the waterfalls. Inspirational.
    My other son is buying a house near Danemora part way from Plattsburgh towards Potsdam. Adirondacks are beautiful.
    Montreal is beautiful. Make sure to visit the locks. Way back when my buddy and I camped out on the locks. We were lucky to get some higher ground and did not float away when the rain came. We took in a biker who had a beautiful 650 BMW cruiser. He let us both ride the beast. Totally fun. I asked him how fast he rode it and he said he had it up over 120 MPH. I asked him what would happen if he fell off. His response was priceless. He said that if he laid the bike down at 60 he would slide. He figured if he laid it down at 120 he would just slide a bit farther.
    I know packing on the bike is tight but if you can squeeze in a dress, wig, heels and makeup you will be welcomed on St. Katherines street in Montreal. it is the gay part of town. Very safe and very T friendly. Dress and kick up your heels.
    Detroit is a great town with a bad reputation. Have fun and enjoy the food. Lots of things to see.
    I share your view on Hudson.

  6. Your travel plans sound absolutely awesome.

    We are into winter right now so have to look around for some activities to do in the cold ... although I don't think we are really set up for activities in the cold. We get cold without snow ... If it snows in the mountains this year I am going to take my hunny and go off for a cozy weekend somewhere where we can see the snow and drink copious amounts of hot chocolate in front of a fire!