Saturday, February 3, 2018

Winter Riding

I know bikers who shudder at the idea of riding in 40-degree weather. "Oh, that's too cold!" they say. Well, cold is relative.

Today's bright sunshine lured me out into 20 degrees. Aside for ice patches, the only real problem is your helmet fogs up. A cure for that, opening the visor, is worse than the disease -- blasts of arctic air freeze your face like liquid nitrogen. Oh well... YOLO.


  1. Jim does something with rubbing a very thin film of soap on his visor and that stops the fogging. Haven't tested this myself though as I'm not equipped with the clothing for winter riding.

  2. That is always a problem with riding in the cold ... I am sure my hunny has some stuff that he sprays on his visor.

  3. As a wearer of glasses, I know all about the fogging up thing. Quite dangerous when you're on a bike, though. So, what do you do, Ally? xxx

    1. I crack open the visor for a second. The blast of cold air is terrible but not being able to see is worse. Just the price I have to pay...

  4. I see your winter riding as just your way of telling Mother Nature that you cannot be taken down. There is a special feeling about being out in really bad weather. I used to like camping in the snow or just getting out in it. I have been a life long snow skier and I understand the allure of ice fishing.
    Stay safe.