Tuesday, February 27, 2018

This Will Blow Your Mind

This true story -- reported in The New York Times -- will explode your understanding of gender differences. The story can be found here.

Did you know -- and this is documented -- that a transgender-woman (i.e., someone borne "male") -- can breast-feed a baby? Not pretend to breast-feed but actually produce enough milk in her breasts (e.g., 8 oz.s) to nurture a baby. It's true!

The explanation is this: male and female humans are not as biologically different as most believe. In uterus, male and female fetuses have the same bodies until sex hormones start to alter them. After birth, even in adulthood, secondary sexual characteristics (like breasts) can be induced through taking hormones. When trans-women take estrogen, their breasts grow larger. When trans-men take testosterone, they grow facial hair.

Okay, you're thinking but... milk? Yes, milk. A trans-woman who takes certain drugs will start producing breast-milk. Enough to feed an infant.

Mind blown?


  1. I think the broader public is only just now starting to realize how much of a spectrum gender + sexuality, etc., is- and how things aren't black and white, even in utero. Opening minds is a great thing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Thanks, Ashley. I value friends as smart as you.

  2. It's amazing and yes, I believe it's possible. I think anything is possible! And it's beautiful.

  3. It is unbelievable and wonderful for that woman to be able to nourish her own child.

    PS...thanks for the very kind comment on my blog recently. The feeling is mutual : )

  4. Definitely mind blowing, Ralph. How interesting and it really does make sense when you explain it. Hormones are the reason for our bio functions, after all.

  5. I'd actually read about this subject recently. Isn't that just wonderful? There's a TV program on here in Belgium about trans-men and trans-women, which is a real eye-opener. Hopefully it will do away with some of the prejudices some people have. xxx

  6. I had no idea about the lactation, that's awesome! However, I did know about all of us being the same up into a point in the womb. I actually had a conversation recently with one of my kiddos about this. I think we were discussing why males have nipples, too.

  7. The human body is so amazing and interesting. I'm glad that science is actually starting to show that gender is not black and white but instead a wide spectrum. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Oh wow, totally mind blowing ! The human body does not cease to amaze me.

  9. That is indeed fascinating! When I first read it it blew my mind. There were also single fathers (not transgendered) who managed to breast feed their kids after postpartum death of their wives.

  10. There is so much misinformation or lack of information on what makes us male or female and just what that really means. It's great that articles like this are published, and a bit discouraging knowing what certain people will say in response, but even baby steps in the right direction will get us there. xo