Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Beach In Winter

From Spring through Fall one can travel by motorcycle with ease and comfort. Winter is different: everything is harder. This time of year, just getting to Jones Beach is an accomplishment.

I rode there today and faced numerous obstacles on the way. Besides scary potholes I encountered a mine-field of debris on the LIE. Cruising at 77 mph around a bend I suddenly saw a dozen objects in my path. They probably fell off a truck. Hitting one of those large items was survivable in a car but, on my sport-bike, they definitely would have sent me airborne. Like Superman but with a bad landing. Fortunately two of my strengths -- sharp reflexes and composure -- enabled me to quickly find a twisty path through the stuff. Whew!

All I want when I go out is relaxation but sometimes unexpected challenges pop up. Ah, life...

How do you handle dangerous surprises?


  1. That must have been really scary! I do love the beach in Winter, though! xxx

  2. How brave of you to take on the twist and turns of the LIE this weekend.
    The weather has been abysmal and driving and even walking has been difficult. Fashion week in the slushy sleet has been a real ordeal in high heels. Like you, I am grateful to have fast and reliable reflexes. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. I admire your getting out on the bike in the winter. It is a special feeling to be able to confront Mother Nature and to come away the victor - at least for a while. I used to ski all the time and often felt that a day on the slopes, especially if rough weather, was, at a minimum, a moral victory over nature.

  4. Please drive safely! glad you are fine. Take care. I love that bike .

  5. Oh wow, how scary.
    We recently were in our weekend place and it had rained, the car slid into a gutter, luckily we were not hurt but it was terrifying. I cried.

  6. Thank God you were ok! That would have been a terrible accident had you hit the debris!