Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tea With A Twist

I love hot tea. I drink multiple cups a day. To add variety, I explore ways to enhance my tea and prefer doing that with natural ingredients. Like cinnamon sticks, honey, dark muscovado sugar, etc.

I just found a new ingredient and it's very nice. It is called Star Anise and I found it in Penzeys, my favorite spice-store. Anise is what gives licorice its distinctive flavor. Dropping one of these bad-boys into a cup of tea instantly transforms boring tea into a magical potion packed with flavor.

Star anise is also visually interesting as a form of nature. Some people use them in crafts. I use 'em in tea.

Try it!


  1. How pretty! I have to try this now :)

  2. I hate the taste of liquorice so I won't be trying this anytime soon : )


  3. I also really like anis, especially in Winter and for Christmas. It is a very common spice here in Germany and most Christmas cookies are made with anis.
    conscious lifestyle of mine

  4. I drink tea daily but I am not very creative when it comes to adding things to it. Star anise is a very strong flavor that I have never loved, I don't even like the hint of it in my food. I can imagine it adds a fun twist to tea.


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion Link up!

  5. We put anise in our spaghetti sauce if you can believe that, it adds a really neat flavor to it!

    1. What a fun idea! I like how anise adds a nice note of flavor to a dish.

  6. My son Connor also LOVES his tea and also LOVES liquorice. I must get him some Star Anise and let him try it in one of his teas.

  7. Aldi sells anise flavored cookies (more like English biscuits) that are awesome

  8. Wow nice to know, I might post about this on my blog too, (after I try it) thanks. Bing.

  9. Yum! I adore star anise and anything with a black licorice taste to it as well. Fennel pollen has a similar (though not identical) flavour is also marvelous in hot drinks.

    ♥ Jessica