Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dumb Guys

Reading the news this week has me worried about humanity's future. We may be too dumb to survive.
A "man" was flying on Alaska Airlines when he was told that he couldn't have a beer. So, despite his nominal age (32-years old), he threw a tempter-tantrum. He started screaming and yelling, demanding beer. He then locked himself in the bathroom and pounded on its door. He said he might get violent if the flight-attendant didn't get him a beer. Finally the crew calmed him down ...and, like a child, he asked for hugs from the attendants. His behavior alarmed the pilot who diverted the flight and landed at an unplanned destination. The man is now facing charges.
Another man broke out of a Georgia prison in 1968 -- 48 years ago. At the time, he was serving a 17-year sentence for robbery. Since 1968, he's been living comfortably on the lam in Connecticut. This week, he was captured and returned to prison in Georgia. How'd they find him? He applied for Social Security.



  1. I heard about a guy that was late for his plane and ran out onto the tarmac trying to catch the plane. It's not like a bus dude!


  2. Oy vey. Is it just me, or are people just getting dumber overall? So sad.

  3. I used to be a flight attendant. Have I got stories!!!!

  4. I once read an article about a guy who broke into a car (a decoy left by the police, with a hidden camera), and he had his social security number tattooed on his neck...

  5. Lololol one born every minute. Still uncertain how some people manage to survive, procreate and so on. At least good people can balance them out.

  6. And you would think that we should be smarter now with the evolution of time, O well,,, good share, good read, thanks.
    P.S. LOL.

  7. Definitely a pair to roll one's eyes at here! :) It really and truly takes all kinds. I'm reminded of that on a near daily basis, as I can fully imagine you are, too, especially since you work in law.

    ♥ Jessica