Tuesday, October 7, 2014


When I dress in women's clothing, I feel good.  Calm and peaceful.  I enjoy that.

I was feeling the need for such solace this weekend.  So I popped on a new dress and found my peace.  Simply wearing the dress was enjoyable.  A wave of contentment rolled over me and I floated on the wave.

Here's what that looked like...




What brings you peace?  What activity relaxes you?


  1. You definitely look peaceful here! And very pretty! I love the print of this dress!!

    A nice warm bubble bath gives me peace and relaxes me!

  2. Very sweet frock. I love the pattern and the colours.

    Walking my dog can bring me peace. Getting in the zone, whether it be creating, running, stretching, dancing or cooking relaxes me as well. Apparently lots of things relax me : )


  3. You look so pretty and so so happy in this beautiful dress, so full of life. The print is beautiful and the cut suits you perfectly. It looks like the dress is dancing with you, if you know what I mean. I think this is my favorite so far.

  4. Lovely dress Ally. Are those shoes pink or maroon?

    For that colour dress I think black heels would work much better unless you can get a pink pair closely similar to the pink colour in the dress.

    Just my opinion of course, but it's still a great look.

    1. Maroon. I thought about black shoes but wanted to be playful.

  5. Very pretty!!!!! I love the shoes too!!! They're a good height. Thanks for your kind comment. X

  6. You look wonderfully relaxed in these photos and certainly very playful!!! I LOVE your dress!!!

  7. pretty dress! really like the pattern and the cut is made for you! and this cute shoes are made for that dress!!!!
    your happy smile says all!
    i find peace in the woods. an exhausting hike in the lush green - or on skis in the snowy wonderland - the fresh air, the silence.......and yes - the loneliness.

  8. First off, its amazing, the dress does lighten up the picture completely. Whatever may be weighing so heavily on your mind in this moment, has been lifted with the beauty of this dress....Great shot! and love the accessorizing with the necklace and matching shoes.

    Truthfully, I am trying to find what brings me peace at this moment. I want to say writing does, I want to say that helping others does, feeling useful. But i think i have yet to harness that passion and explore what really makes me at peace.
    Recently i participated in a photo shoot bomb in various areas, and you know something, that made me feel at peace. To be one with nature and enjoy it, felt good. Maybe that is what i need, another time out in the sun and the beauty of nature.

  9. OH I love those shoes!! what a great outfit and so flirty!! Looking good!

  10. You have hit upon one of the best kept secrets of fashion - it's ability to center your mood/relax you/make you happier and similar positive outcomes. I found this from the word go in mid-century vintage and am sure it's a huge part of the reason I've never wavered from it, especially after becoming chronically ill (when I was 18) and needed all the solace and tranquility I could possibly get to make each day more bearable.

    That's such a pretty, breezy, wonderful dress! I can see your relaxed, chipper state-of-mind shining through in these fun photos of you sporting it.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* A tad belated due to our travels, but a very, very happy start of October to you, dear Ally.

  11. I absolutely love this whole outfit on you, Ally. I love the shoe color with the dress. The jewelry and lip color are perfect too. Oh...and this dress is extremely figure flattering. Maybe it's the shoulder/neckline, fitted waist, then skirt flair...but it certainly creates a slender looking waistline. And yes, so playful and feminine. Definitely a favorite of mine.

  12. Looking very babely here! Reading everyone's blogs relaxes me :)

  13. I love the first picture! Your pose is so cute. This outfit is lovely...I can see why it made you feel better. The pearl necklace was a great touch to this outfit!

    xo Azu

  14. Very pretty, I love the dress and that cute shoes! Killer poses as always! :) xx

  15. This dress could have been made for you. :D It's flattering and the playful bright pattern suits your persona so well. The material looks soft and comfy in the close-up, too. Great taste!

    If you hadn't stated earlier, I would have thought the shoes were fuchsia and a perfect match to the print of the dress.

  16. That's my favorite style of shoe! What brings me peace? A quiet house, some gin and a good book.

  17. This is such a beautiful look! I think this is my new favorite! :D Reading relaxes me, sitting in bed with my puppies, or with some sleepy time tea.

  18. Wow! You look amazing and this is a beautiful dress. I get a true deep peace being either at the seaside or in a forest. I can sometimes get that feeling from music, though which music varies so it can catch me by surprise. And creating, painting or writing gives me a feeling that is perhaps too energised to be called peace but it does feel like a coming home.

  19. I love the dress!! I can see why it brings you joy. It suits you very well. You look very beautiful in this shape dress. It highlights all your best assets and makes you light up.

    My favorite activity? Sleeping. Or just resting wrapped in blankets. Life seems to batter at me so much, I like turning out the lights, cooling down the room, quieting everything. Sensory deprivation. It revives me.

  20. This is a gorgeous shape on you (it's called a "fit and flare", by the way)! I find shopping solo very relaxing. I focus on the colours and fabrics and textures and just let my mind wander. I value that alone time.