Thursday, October 23, 2014

Down Under In Oz!

The magical pink boxing gloves continue their journey around the world. Today, they are in Australia. Yes, the Southern Hemisphere! How cool is that?!

My friend Luan has an attractive blog (Green Tea And Cupcakes) and she wanted a crack at wearing the gloves. She did a terrific job. Her outfit, background and even makeup beautifully complement the gloves. And the big smile on her face is proof of the joy this project can spread.

Go visit Luan's blog and say hello!


  1. How awesome is this. Such a cool photo op and love that they have traveled so far away. :)

  2. The gloves have found a really pretty place here! I love her attention to detail!x

  3. How amazing the gloves have made it all the way there !

  4. those gloves are perfect! I love looking through all the photos with them! and can't stop thinking how great this idea was!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  5. Wow, they're surely doing the rounds.
    You should do a feature page with chronological list of where the gloves have been and with which blogger. That would be really cool, I could help design the page too if you wanted.

  6. I am glad it made to Australia :D, i want to wear them now lol

  7. She looks great and the flowers are a gorgeous backdrop! How cool that the gloves have travelled so far!

  8. Ah this is so exciting!! I love Luan! Are you loving australia so far? xx

    Thrive on Novelty

  9. Stellar photo shoot! She really picked a memorably beautiful backdrop to help highlight these inspiringly awesome pink boxing gloves against. I can hardly wait to see where they land (a punch) next! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  10. these gloves have traveled more than i have!! jealous, lol! great photos.

  11. Once again thanks so much for this fun swap, you will have to let me know who I am shipping them off to next.

    1. I will e-mail you that information when I get home, Luan. There are 2-3 bloggers in your country who want to play with the gloves. I'll get you the address of one of them.