Saturday, October 4, 2014


Trends come and go.  Often it's hard to keep up.  Most older people stop trying and lose touch with the changing culture of young people.

I haven't.  I enjoy trends, mostly because I like the stimulation of youth culture.  I choose to hang out with both young and old friends so I'm exposed to all kinds of stuff.  I've always been curious and I enjoy learning.

Lately I've been seeing "SMH" on Twitter.  For a while, I had no clue what it means.  I assumed it is an acronym but I couldn't guess for what.  Do you know what SMH means?  (The answer is below.)

A critic just made fun of the title of a new TV show called "Selfie."  He jokingly wrote that thankfully two years ago network executives spared us from a show in development called "Amazeballs."  Ha!

Do you embrace trends?  Or shy away from them? 

SMH is an acronym for "Scratching My Head" and is a response meaning you don't understand why someone would do something.  Like when your girlfriend texts she just bought tickets to the new Justin Bieber concert.


  1. This was like a public service announcement! lol! I didn't know what SMH meant, but now I'm in the loop and can continue my guise as one of the "cool kids" ;)

    Thanks Aly!

  2. Ha. I had no idea and have never heard of it before. I'm very out of touch with trends, especially certain technology-related ones. It's weird, since I'm in a tech-related field and am almost finished with my IT master's degree…but seriously, my parents know more about certain new technologies than I do.

  3. SMH also frequently means "shaking my head," as in disappointment over someone's behavior. Sometimes my teen cousins make me feel old as someone in her mid-twenties, but the gap of understanding is pretty superficial, really. We can still connect!

    1. Yes, I saw that as an alternate second meaning.

  4. I always thought that SMH meant "something"? o.O Damn, I guess I am getting old/out of touch. :D

  5. Too many acronyms. I can't keep up. Plus, like Mia pointed out it can mean something different depending who you're talking to. SMH is all I can say. I'll leave you guessing ; )


  6. SMH here is SA. Never heard of it before!!! Trends come and go so fast that by the time I think I may want to embrace one it has passed!!! LOL!!!! Having a young son does keep you in touch however you don't always have to get involved in the trend.

  7. i´m sooo oldschool :-)
    all this acronyms do say nothing to me i fear. personally i´m always on the hunt for almost forgotten (german) words - and try to use them in daily life. and i have a party if someone else uses old words or phrases.....

  8. I still see LOL as also meaning Lots of Love, because I used to write that on letters to friends all the time when I was a girl. It took me ages to learn what LMAO meant but now, thanks to you, I am in the know about SMH.

  9. Giggles!! I'm in the weird leeway where I'm aware of trends, but also getting old enough that the teenagers are totally surpassing my knowledge. I feel old and out of touch sometimes, but also my pulling back from the internet has let me explore my style without the trappings of 'what would the internet think' and also I don't feel bad rewearing the same stuff over and over.

  10. I use it as Shakes my head...i actually never heard it as scratching my head.... There are new ones coming out every day, and it is sad when you have to start asking everyone what it means, and they have multiple meanings...

  11. I had no idea what SMH meant either. Now, I'm clued in. Thanks for that!

  12. I guess you learn something new everyday !
    I had no idea what that acronym was..

  13. whenever i come across something i don't know, i just ask my daughter....because she's a teen, and she knows everything. ha.

  14. Best picture of you ever with that pink hair. I love it!