Thursday, June 12, 2014

Better Pictures

I'm always trying to improve my pictures, both because I like photography and because I want to enhance images on my blog.  The better my pictures look, the more likely you are to visit.

For the longest time, I was unhappy with visual distractions in my indoor photos.  The end of a couch and other furniture took focus away from my outfits.  Even the unavoidable line where the wall meets the floor visually seems to cut my legs in half.

Then I found the answer -- a photo backdrop.  It's a simple tool used by pros to remove all distractions from the background.  You may have seen it in my recent photos.  (Lisa noticed it.)

I asked for one of these last Christmas and got it.  It was only $150 from a photo store (B&H Photo).  It comes with three different cloth backdrops (black, white, grey).  It works simply: a sheet of cloth hangs from a metal rod (like a curtain rod) which is suspended by two metal poles.  The cloth provides a blank background.  The rod and poles collapse so the entire thing can fit into a small bag.

Here are some pictures of my new equipment.  Do you want one?




  1. I kind of do want one now that I see it in pictures and know it's affordable, BUT I don't have anywhere to put it. My house is full of furniture which is how I ended up shooting by front door in the first place. Maybe in the next house!

  2. Wow, that's quite the contraption! I don't mind the background stuff - I like seeing glimpses of bloggers' real lives.

    And yes, please use "whackitude of this magnitude" - ha!

  3. Like Sheila I like to see the background stuff ... as it is a peek into the lives of other people ... as long as it isn't shouting "CLUTTER!!!!!"

    Your lounge is GORGEOUS so I wouldn't mind seeing you lounging on one of the couches however I just love your posts so backdrop or not ... keep on blogging!!!!

  4. Well, that is a tempting piece of equipment isn't it?!

    Sometimes my stuff in the background of my outfit photos bugs me too.


  5. I agree that looking at what's in behind someone's photos is sometimes even more interesting than the photos themselves. That said, I'd love to have one of these to play with myself. I kind of created my own when I renovated my office I put up a curtain rod in front of the closet and then just hung white drapes from it. I camouflages the closet doors and provides the perfect blank space to take photos.


  6. I can only imagine that with this type of equipment you can go into a fabric store (like joanns) or even a thrift store and find a throw, sheet, drapes or some sort of fabric and you can really work with some amazing fabric patterns to accentuate the background...
    (think of some of the possibilities-silk, psychadelic patterns, colorful ideas that coordinate with your outfits too!)

    When it comes to pictures in general..its always what is in the background that is important. The stuff we see on a day to day basis in our lives becomes normal or even invisible...but to someone else who has never seen it before the slightest perfection or imperfection screams out.

    A dirty cluttered house in pictures vs a clean spotless house will create judgements and assumptions about people. In some cases private lives will be disclosed ....A picture really can tell the world about a person even in the details they don't realize

    I think by you getting this back drop, it will involve a step up in the artistry of your pictures, because now instead of having background distractions..the focus will be strictly on you....

  7. My photos usually say, "This woman really needs to repaint her wall." But I am too lazy to set up a backdrop. Unlike your carefully crafted photos, I don't really like the process of taking pictures of myself and my outfits and do it quite hastily. If I want to show people my dress, I might forget to put my shoes on. LOL Sometimes my photos are blurry because I was leaving the shot before the camera clicked. So I don't think I will be getting one of these but it seems very much suited to you and the way you like to craft your photos.. You will definitely really pop against that black back drop!

  8. I have one, but I never use it!

  9. AWesome! I toyed with the idea of getting one since i also do some photography on the side for people but I prefer outdoor locations for that. I have a nice big plain wall in our new house so use that when not in the backyard. I dont take photos out on the street anymore because all the neighbours can see me.. waaaa I look forward to seeing how you get creative with your photos with your new backdrop and I did notice the backdrop recently.

  10. I've noticed it! I toyed with the idea of getting something similar a while ago, but now I rarely pick up my camera so there's not much of a point. I still prefer the great outdoors, anyway.

    1. I prefer the outdoors too, but have limitations on posing out there in women's clothing. :-(

    2. I am expected to wear women's clothing but I would still feel extremely self conscious taking my photos outdoors. There is no private place for me to do it. :-)

  11. Ooooh, I didn't before, because I assumed it would be bulky and annoying...and now I think I need it, haha. I get so annoyed with indoor shots in the winter, and how distracting my curtains are! Do you have a link to the exact product?

  12. I try to find one tone color walls as backdrops but sometimes they are hard to come by. Specially at 8:00AM when I just have 2 minutes to get my shots.
    What a great idea, but if i got one, I would probably not have time to put it up every morning and if i left it out it would have dog hair on it :(