Monday, May 21, 2012

Q&A, With A Twist

I am not a conventional blogger.  This is not a conventional blog.  So, when it comes to posing questions, they won't be twee and pedestrian, like "Vanilla or chocolate?"

You are invited to share your thoughts on any of these topics.

1. What subject is consuming you right now?  Will your interest in that subject ever wane?  If it does, how will you look back on this period in your life?  With contentment or regret?

2. Does spending a lot of time online make your life better?  Or worse?

3. Is it a good thing or a bad thing that (most) boys hang out with other boys and (most) girls hang out with other girls?  Why, other than to make babies, do boys and girls get together at all?

4. Is it healthy to pay a lot of attention to celebrities and their lives?  Should we live vicariously through the daily experiences of third-rate actors?

5. What is the real point of shopping for clothes?

6. What is the real objective of watching pro sports?

7. Do we need a soulmate to complete us, or can we be happy with a circle of friends?

Hey, if you wanted normal questions, there's no shortage of other places to find them....


  1. Mhm, some of these are tough to answer! I might give it a try, but not quite now.

    1. Whenever you have the time and interest. No rush.

  2. 1. I'm having a budding interest in art. I think art is something I'll drift in and out of as I grow older. (Hopefully I'll get better at it as I go!)
    2. Better! I've made so many friends online, and they've proven to be more helpful and supportive of me than any real-life friends have been.
    3. I've never understood this. I've always been one of the guys. I get along much, much better with dudes! To be honest, pretty preppy girls scare me. I feel like they're constantly judging, and it makes me uncomfortable. I had a lot of male friends in high school.
    4. Not really. A moderate dose is fine (people obviously like gossip!), but I think we as a society are a little too vested in what celebs eat and drink and say and wear and all that stuff. It goes too far.
    5. So that we don't have to walk around naked. Nah, I'm kidding. Well, shopping and emerging victorious gives a sense of release, and wearing the clothes you purchased allows you to establish your identity in a glance. That always feels empowering.
    6. To vicariously live a dream we never fulfilled? I'm not sure. I do love watching basketball (I'm an ex basketball player myself), and it's just fun to see the best of the best competing at a particular field.
    7. I've discovered this to be true. I'm much happier with my boyfriend (how we met makes me believe soul mates are "for real") than with any friends. There's a connection there that's WAY more powerful and subtle that friendships can't contend with. (Again, this is from my own experiences!) I think this depends on the person and their personality, of course.

    Whew! That was a lot of questions.

    The Tall Blonde Artist

  3. 1. My kittens. Probably. I've been with them since they were born so it's been exciting to see them change, but all cats grow up. I'll never stop loving them to pieces, but there is the reality of newness to new lives and getting comfortable with their existence. I will remember their first little days with extreme contentment. Who knows, maybe I'll just keep being obsessed with their cute little faces and weird habits forever.

    2. Better online. It's like having a support system I never knew I had. I can reach out and find people who want to talk about what I want to talk about. To actually listen and exchange idea rather than not-listen like people do irl. My biggest benefit is internet-enabled phone. I'm not on it like some people are, but I am able to actually stay connected on the go.

    3. Weird question for me. I pretty much always hang out with boys. Always have. I mean why not? Boys are cool. It actually took me going online to find "girl friends" to hang out with. The benefit to that is I can find girls who like "boy-things" as well as "girl-things" and vice versa!

    4. Sure why not, provided it's not to an extreme where your own life is . I don't think the overexposure to the extreme we do things in our media, but why not be interested in an actor. Without popularity, these people would be out of work.

    Sometimes a glimpse into someone else's life can help us understand our own or at least educate us in cultures/lives that are different than ours. We don't have to emulate television, but we can (possibly) learn from it.

    5. To buy new things, to kill time, to make oneself feel better. To replace something old, to fill a gap, to try and make that closet orphan work. Clothes shopping has lots of points, but probably the best one is fast gratification of something new.

    6. I dunno, you'll have to ask someone else on this one. Even Quidditch makes my eyes gloss over.

    7. Some people could go either way. I do best with a small social group and one person close to me. I have "My Person". It doesn't have to be a soulmate, although I think I have found mine. But sometimes it just needs to be a best friend, a confidant. Someone who will not only keep your secret, but share theirs too. Everyone needs someone who they can call at 3am or who will be on board with suddenly made up plans. What's the difference between the two? Sex? Friends are important, but a soulmate could just be the best friend you have.

  4. Quite insightful.... could not expect less from you :)
    * What subject is consuming you right now?
    Right now all my thoughts are in my apartment building owner's meeting on Thursday night. We have to raise the maintenance fee and I know it's going to be hell. I am the treasurer.
    * Does spending a lot of time online make your life better?
    I want to think it makes it better.
    *Is it healthy to pay a lot of attention to celebrities and their lives? Should we live vicariously through the daily experiences of third-rate actors?
    I don't think its healthy - I have a friend who is addicted to Jersey Shore. I am tired of tunning on E! and it seems to have turned to the Kardashian channel. It gets to be to much.
    * What is the real point of shopping for clothes?
    I like trends and colors and trying new things. I like to look put together and presentable.
    Also, for me, it brings instant happiness. Total bliss.
    *.What is the real objective of watching pro sports?
    I don't watch. In fact i find it so boring.
    *Do we need a soulmate to complete us, or can we be happy with a circle of friends?
    This is a tough one.
    I think it would be nice to find both in one person.... wishful thinking ?

  5. 1. I am consumed with concerns about retirement...But if I could I would study history and art history.

    2. I have developed "friendships" I would not have had otherwise but I know that people in my "real" life find that I'm distracted by my online life.

    3. I mostly "hang out" with family, which includes both males and females. Blogging has allowed me to develop a circle of women friends. My partner has his male friends--and the internal dynamics are different in each group. My husband and I often discuss these dynamics.

    4. I don't pay a lot of attention to celebrities.

    5. In some people's eyes, I probably shop a lot--but it is entirely thrifting, which is at least a sustainable form of shopping. I recently read an excellent book, The Man Who Quit Money, and I find myself fascinated by the different way our economy COULD be organized.

    6. I don't watch sports, but I suspect that there is some skill involved in many sports and that strategy and competition is exciting to some human beings.

    7. Well, I have a soul mate and I like to think that I feel more complete because of my partner. But, I have many unmarried colleagues who seem perfectly happy with their circle of friends so I believe that is possible.

  6. I wonder myself if spending my days on the computer, blogging makes me 'worse'.

  7. Wow, loaded questions and some food for thought here! To answer ur first question - these days my mind is consumed in making transition from a blogger to paid writer - I am sure I will not regret this time I am investing in it - even if I don't succeed:-)Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  8. lol, awesome.

    I hangout with equal parts boys and girls, so, I got nothing.

    I think we buy clothes because we like to be comfortable and unique. Imagine if we all had to wear a standard uniform. I mean, I doubt it would fit everyone confortably, and it kinda sucks when everyone has to always wear the same thing.

  9. Love your questions!

    1. I'm currently working on learning how to use my digital art programs to make art and re-start my etsy shop. I=My creativeness waxes and wanes, but it always there in some way or another. I've always had an artistic eye. I would be devastated it ever went away.:(

    2. Online life? Both better and worse. It gives me ideas, but it also secludes me from being with "real" people.

    3. I think that boys-boys and girls-girls are drawn to each other for their similarities. I don't like to do "boy" things and my husband doesn't like to do "girl" things, therefore we spend time with the same sex. However, I'd be lying if I didn't say I'd be a little jealous if my hubby hung with ladies all the time.

    4. No, it's not healthy to focus on celebrities. They do not portray real, daily life. They are super spoiled and we are suffering from a fairy-tale-life syndrome. They are not real. They are not real. They are not real. Say it with me. My life is good. My life is great. I do not need to be on TV and have millions of dollars to be happy. (That being said, I indulge in Kardashian craziness.)

    5. Good question. I have, literally, a room full of clothes and shoes, yet I still go out and shop for more. Why? Change in style choices. An expression of self. How about just a relaxing day of walking the mall and burning calories while trying on clothes!

    6. I'm not a sports fan. But I think it's kind of like watching celebrities-to live vicariously in some respect. But also for the strategy. My husband is an avid sports watcher and he focuses on the strategy and plays much of the time. Probably why he likes the Madden video game too.

    7. You absolutely do NOT need a soulmate to be complete. "I belong to me". I've told every man I've ever been with that. You can't be happy with your soulmate until you are happy with yourself. "Stand in your own space and know that you are there". I love quotes, can you tell? "This time she would walk to no one except to herself."

    Ally, what a fun list of questions! I enjoyed sharing. Thanks for asking. Now you need to answer them for us!

    1. What great answers, Keely! Thank you. This is what I was hoping for: insightful, smart responses.

      "They are not real. They are not real..."