Tuesday, May 1, 2012


In preparation for my day at the racetrack next week, I've been preparing, which consists of both upgrading my motorcycle and honing my riding skills.  I've been wanting to do these things for a while, so I welcome the opportunity.

There is riding and there is RIDING.  Hard-core sportbike riding is as challenging and athletic as any Olympic sport.  It's physically and mentally demanding.  There is no substitute for time in the saddle.  I've been grabbing hours lately and devoting them to serious riding.  Honing my skills like sharpening a knife.  Riding harder, faster and with more smoothness than ever before.

My daily ride, a BMW touring bike, feels like a school bus compared to my Yamaha.  The Yamaha can accelerate like a bullet out of a gun and is so light and nimble you can lean it all the way over in turns.  It has racing capabilities which I'm learning to exploit.

I put new rubber on last week.  Special tires designed for racing.  They grip the road much better than ordinary street tires and traction is the name of the game when you want to race.  They don't last as long as street tires but that's the tradeoff you make.

In normal riding, I keep the rpms at a low level (3-5,000rpm) but, pushing the bike, I take the engine up to 9-11,000 rpm.  At that level, the engine roars with noise.  The exhaust-note is so alluring, as it tells the world you're pursuing the peak of performance with a machine designed to go fast.  It's intoxicating.

Is there anything in your life that gives you as much joy as motorcycles give me?


  1. It sounds like such a thrilling experience. It's so inspiring to read about how passionate you are about it. That day at the track will be an amazing experience, I'm sure! I feel the same way about photography or sewing. Little hobbies that get be busy and let me be creative. :)

  2. Actually history. I get thrills out of history and museums. I am such a nerd.

  3. Sounds incredibly thrilling.

    For me? It's a book so good that I walk away being able to visual the story so clearly I felt like I was watching a movie. Being so sucked into the story I don't notice the chapter breaks. Not being able to sleep because one more chapter. What can I say, I love to read.

  4. aaargh! I will be glad when this racing event is over...as I am a nervous ninny for you. I drive a little sports car (a Miata) and on good days, I love to drive it fast on windy roads!

    1. Thanks, Terri. Truth be told, I'm a little nervous myself. Something about going 140 mph triggers our survival instinct...

  5. Wow! What kind of race do you have coming up!? I'm excited for you! My father is an avid biker, and he teaches motercycle safety in our county. He doesn't race - but I have been on the back of his bike while pushing 100 mph, which was exciting and scary all at once!! :)

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog - I'm so happy to have found your nice blog out here in the wild internet!


  6. Everytime I read about you and bikes and I think 'oh, so cool' and 'oh, my God! Let him be ok!'. Good luck with the race
    The most joy I get from anything I may do are... computers. Servers, Cisco equipment. everything can be broken and fixed, everything involving IT makes my heart go up and down. I'm very happy to feel it 5 times a week

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  7. This looks so much fun!! I love going fast... be safe!! are you going to wear a dash of pink??? :)

  8. Omg this sounds fun, exciting, dangerous, and crazy. LOL! I'm impressed and a bit envious at your adventurous spirit.

    I've never been on a motorcycle. It's one of the things I want to do some time. Well, not like you, but perhaps riding on the back of one around the block or something. Ha!

    Be careful. :)

  9. Very well written. But how does one really prepare for the track besides on the track? By that I just mean that I don't know how I'd handle the gap between what you can do on the road and what you could do on the track. I am excited for you, anxious to hear all about it, but still not convinced I'd be up for the experience. I hope someone shoots video of you!

  10. Sounds like you really love it, have fun at the racetrack. :) I think I have 3 things I love that much: reading, learning/school, and fashion. Sorry, I'm greedy, can't ever pick one, ha!

    Principessa Gabriella

  11. Jealous!! There's a place about an hour out of Ottawa that you can learn to race... Chris and I would love to go, but it's too costly at this time.

    I hope you post about your experience. I want to see picture or even videos ;)