Friday, May 18, 2012

New Boots

I ride motorcycles every day.  Which means I wear motorcycle boots every day.

Motorcycle boots differ from normal boots in two important ways.  They are sturdier to protect your ankle in the event of a crash and they have rubber (not leather) soles.  When you put your foot down on the road, the ground is often slippery; you don't want your foot to slide and have an 800-lb. motorcycle come falling on top of you.  Rubber soles grab the road; leather soles slip.

For ordinary life, I wear boots that are inconspicuous.  They hide beneath my suit-pants or jeans and don't call attention to themselves.  This is good for when I go to court or business meetings.  The boots shown are my current pair.

Up until now, this has been the only style of boot I needed.  My experience at the track, however, has changed that.

Most of you know that I had to buy leather pants recently to be allowed onto the racetrack.  (Track rules require full-leathers.)  Leather pants are form-fitted and go inside your boots.  My current street-riding boots aren't designed for the track and look odd over leather pants.  To remedy that, I just bought a new pair of motorcycle boots designed specifically for racing.  These boots are extra-sturdy for protection and they look better with leathers.

I'll be wearing these when I go back to the track.  I'll also wear them on the street when I go out in full-leathers to ride my Yamaha aggressively.  There are occasions when I ride with friends and we push the envelope a bit.  On those spirited rides, wearing more protection is better than less since I might need it.

The new boots were expensive ($200) but, with protective gear, I always buy the best.  (My life was saved once by a top-notch helmet.)  On top of the protection, I also like how wickedly cool the boots look.  What do you think?


  1. Niiice! I really dig how those look. Very sporty and sleek.

    The Tall Blonde Artist

  2. Those new boots are totally badass and will look great with full leathers.

    Have a great weekend, Ally!

  3. Oooh they're really cool and futuristic looking. I think investing in anything that could potentially save your life/limb is more worth $200.

  4. While I like the new boots, don't they need a stiletto heel? ;)

    1. I've tried riding motorcycles in heels. It isn't optimal. :)

  5. Very nice. Good to know you can be safe and stylish at the same time.

  6. Oh yeah...these are wicked all right! I like them. A lot! Most definitely go for quality when it comes to your safety.

  7. I think I was already completely jealous of the bad-ass leathers. Now you've got boots, too? I'm even more jealous! In a nice way, of course. They are very cool. I like the term "spirited ride." It makes it sound quite tame. But who could be tame in a set-up like that? Love it!

  8. Um I love the ones on top. They feel like something kind of 'retro' 90s.
    The new ones are totally bad ass too. I probably wouldn't wear them to the mall, but you probably look awesome on the track.
    A friend of mine's life was saved by a helmet once too, I think you motorcyclists are right to worry about safety. $200 seems totally reasonable when it comes to safety gear.

  9. Hey, these boots look pretty cool. I agree that you should have the best boots for such a dangerous sport. Go racing!

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