Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Peplum Is Back

I didn't know what the word "peplum" meant but I knew what it referred to.  I lived through the Eighties when peplum was popular.

Peplum is a style that adds an extra piece of fabric around the hips, usually ruffled.  Here's an attractive example, worn by Alexandra:

The current peplum revival emerged with Jil Sander's influential Spring 2011 women's collection.  Since then, it's been adopted by several high-end designers, including Giorgio Armani, Celine and Jason Wu.  Peplum styles are currently being sold by mainstream retailers like J. Crew and H&M.

A lot of women fear peplum believing it will make them look fat.  Actually, peplum creates the opposite impression since it emphasizes the curve of a woman's hips and makes the waist look relatively small.

Would you wear peplum?


  1. Absolutely. I always wondered why I have no hips, but discovered I'm a "pencil" body type recently, from Mongs at My Thrifty Closet.

    Peplums are a pencil's best friend :)

  2. I'd wear it if the item in question wasn't full in the front, but peplum shapes in the back. I like bustled skirts and exaggerated shapes for clothes, but I dislike anything that adds too much bulk to my tummy/front of my hips/thighs.

  3. I love that peplum is back!! I'll def be wearing it this season xx

  4. I have a couple of peplums I'm waiting to try...

  5. Whenever I wear it, I'm told I look fat/pregnant. I think I could pull the look off with a shirt like Alexandra's, though!

    The Tall Blonde Artist

  6. I have a jacket that has a slight peplum design, and that's how I prefer it, I am just too curvy for an extreme peplum look! Alexandra's is very cute!

  7. I think peplums are TOTALLY adorable. On ladies that are not me. I have plenty going on in the hip department. Like shirt ruffles they usually make me feel off balance.

  8. I do not have any peplum ... for some reason i am not attracted.
    I like them but not for me - so i say now.
    Maybe if I try them on I will change my mind.

  9. I'm definitely on the hunt for peplums. I'm very tall, fairly thin, and have decidedly narrow hips, and peplums balance that sort of figure very nicely.

  10. I absolutely adore peplum styles - as you know :) - because I agree that it emphasizes curves the hips in a good way and makes the waist look tinier! I think well-tailored pieces are critical when trying this style, and truly I hope it's not just a passing trend this time around. Such a feminine, flattering look should be embraced! :) Can't wait to see you wearing this look!!

    Thank you for the feature my dear!