Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sock It To Me

Small things give me big pleasure.  These socks, for instance.

I was walking through Kmart yesterday (no judgment, please) when I spotted these Joe Boxer socks ($7) hanging on a hook.  They are bright pink with furry tops and, best of all, dangling fuzzy balls.  I've always wanted socks or boots with dangling balls.  (No psychology, please.)

They also have little rubber nibs on the soles so you can wear them around the house like slippers.  I mean, if you had socks this cute, would you want to cover them up with shoes?!

BTW, for those of you under 50, the title to this post refers to a common hip experession used in the late 1960s.  It originated from the coolest show on TV back then -- "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In."  The show was a collection of funny sketches by numerous crazy performers.  It was must-watch viewing for most of America, certainly everyone under 30.  The show gave Goldie Hawn her start, boosted Lily Tomlin's career, and brought Flip Wilson and Tiny Tim to everyone's attention.

Did you ever see it?  Or hear any of its famous phrases?  Like, "The Fickle Finger of Fate," "Here come de Judge," "I'll drink to that," "Verrry interesting...", "You bet your sweet bippy," etc. 

I guess you had to be there.  :)


  1. Lulz. I'm not much for dangling balls, but if that's your thang, go with it!

  2. Cute, lol! I love silly, cute socks like that to wear around the house in the winter...they're cozy! :)

    Principessa Gabriella

  3. hahah oh dear - those socks are quite something! i actually HAVE heard the phrase sock it to me but none of the others you mentioned ahaha. my excuse is that im 20! ;p

  4. *sigh* laugh-in era Goldie will always be my favorite <3

    ADORABLE socks btw :)

  5. Will pass up on these socks though they do photograph well!

  6. Those are such fun socks! I wouldn't cover them up with slippers either.

    I remember Laugh-In! I liked Goldie Hawn.

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  8. Sorry, that wasn't Ian it was me, Tracy. But Ian was signed into Google and all that.

    Now I've completely lost my comment when I screamed and deleted it seeing that it was on Ians' account and not mine.

    All I know it my comment was awesome and now it's gone.

    Love your socks!


  9. A cute pair of slipper sox can really perk a girl up!

  10. How cute are those! I have a pair called my "ducky socks", they're those aloe infused kind and they're a horrific shade of yellow and orange, but they make me happy. Sounds like a fun way to perk up your day.

    I've heard all those tag lines, but never actually knew where they came from. Intriguing!

  11. Cute socks! I'm a socks hoarder. I probably own 100 different pair :)
    BTW- I happen to love K-Mar :)

  12. I love holiday socks and those types of fancy socks. I don't like covering them, so I just wear them around the house : )

    Btw, got your package ready...will be out soon.


  13. I love funny warm winter socks, I wear them around the house all the time (and also inside those of my boots that are slightly too large)! These are very cute!

  14. Such cute slipper socks. Love them.
    And thanks for explanation had not heard of that show before. :)
    I am going to chalk it up to the fact that though I did not grow up in this country and not just because I am under 50. Cause I have seen leave it to beaver, I love lucy and honeymooners etc...

  15. Love your socks. Oh yeah, I watched laugh in all the time. My favorite was the dirty old man with his "Want a Walnetto?" to Ruth Buzzi. I loved that show.
    Thanks for your email about the lashes. I am still struggling but your hints helped me a lot. I will keep practicing!

  16. Such cute socks (laughing about the no psychology comment)I've never heard of the show but I've heard of most of those expressions!