Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gifts In The Mail

Nothing excites us more than receiving something in the mail.  Something real, something tangible.  E-mail and tweets can't compare to a big package with your name on it.

Yesterday was a red letter day for me -- I got three boxes!!

The first was my birthday present to myself -- which is a closely-guarded secret until I show it to you later this week.

The second was an adorable HANDMADE birthday card from Ashley which had me rolling on the floor laughing.  She's so funny.

The third was a thoughtful present from a blogger whom I started following recently -- and for whom I've quickly developed affection.  Her name is Loren and she's a delightful person in Louisville, KY.  Loren's outfits are adorable; her personality is charming; and her blog is entertaining.  I strongly encourage you to give her blog a look.

For Halloween last week, Loren and her boyfriend dressed up as Roger and Jessica Rabbit (from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit").  When the curly-haired boy suggested those costumes, Loren said she'd do it -- but only if she got to be Roger and he was Jessica.  He good-naturedly agreed and their costumes are cute.

After the holiday, Loren's boyfriend didn't have any further need for the size-12 women's red shoes they'd thrifted for his costume.  Loren, to her credit, thought of me as a potential recipient and I gratefully accepted her offer of the shoes.  They arrived yesterday and are quite cute.  Bright red pumps with a kitten heel. 

I've never worn a kitten heel -- have you?  How do they feel on your feet?

Anyway, I plan to incorporate them into an outfit soon.  When I saw the shoes, I thought of Dorothy from "The Wizard Of Oz" whose ruby red slippers are every girl's dream.  Now I have my own!


  1. Happy Birthday from Rome! No I have never worn a kitten heel either.

  2. That was so sweet of Loren to send you the shoes. Especially red shoes! Every woman should have a pair of kick ass red heels in their arsenal.

    As for kitten heels, they are a nice way to still wear heels without being too high. I don't own any kitten heels though because I love the higher heel. Can't wait to see you wear them! Heather

  3. How nice about the shoes! I'm excited to see them. I have worn kitten heels before, but my only pair got to be too big for my feet, so I got rid of them. I think you'll like them. A lot of people hate on them for some reason, and I can't totally understand why.

    P.S. Glad you liked my card! I brought out my craft box for it even though I am the least craftiest person ever.

  4. That was so sweet of Loren to think of you! I personally like kitten heels. They add a little bit to my height without everyone commenting on how I "grew" which happens when I wear high heels.

  5. such a sweet post! i like kitten heels, they are much more comfy than the sky high stilettos :)


    Fashion Fractions

  6. I'm so glad they fit I had no idea what to do with the shoes, seemed a shame to send them back to the thrift store. They were actually a little to big for my boyfriend so he probably never would have worn them again anyway ;)
    I'm a big fan of kitten heels, they look feminine and add a little shape to your legs without being awkward to walk in or making you super tall.

  7. Eee! Congrats on the great gifts. I like kitten heels. I don't have very many pairs, but my favorite tend to be sandals. I typically prefer at least a 2 inch heel if I'm going to wear one though because of the way it makes me walk/makes my pants fit. I do love the way kitten heels look though!

  8. Loren sounds like a sweetheart! What a thoughtful gesture! You're lucky to have made such awesome friends like that in the blogosphere. :) I will definitely have to go over and comment on her blog. I saw the costumes you mentioned and Loren and her bf look ADORABLE! Hehe.

    I can't wait to see you rocking those ruby slippers! And I'm looking forward to seeing the birthday gift you treated yourself to. xoxo

  9. I can't wait to see these shoes. What an incredibly thoughtful gift. I've worn kitten heels before. They are very comfortable.


  10. oh I adore Loren! I can't wait to see you in those heels. Such an Ally look :)

  11. I'm totally with you -- I love packages in the mail! Wish people sent letters more often.

    Can't wait to see the heels!!

    Fashion Translated

  12. What a great gift to get - I love ruby slippers! A kitten heel is pretty comfortable, in my opinion! :)

  13. What a nice day to get 3 packages. Can't wait see the gift to yourself and the costumes were great.

  14. That was so thoughtful of her!! I can't wait to see you in them.

  15. I love Loren's blog and what a sweet gesture- red shoes are always so much fun! And the best part about kitten heels? Well they're easy to walk in of course!

  16. Everyone should have a pair of red shoes, so I'm so glad you got yours! :) Loren is so sweet!

  17. That's how I know you're a girl...you love the ruby red slippers like me!what girl doesnt? I would still love a pair as an adult! ;)

  18. I love getting mail! You know, mail that does not consist of bills because those are depressing.
    Speaking of which, your Halloween card totally made my day! I promise that I will send you something in return. I'm so bad about mailing things, though. That's what I have switched to internet banking -- I just forget.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  19. happy birthday, and wish u all the best!! :D
    so true, i love real mails and package. but it's kinda rare lately :S btw, i love dorothy ruby's shoes. so great that you have one. i want to have it too! as u said, it's every girls dream :) have a nice week! :)