Friday, May 13, 2011

Little Pleasures

Life can be hard so it's important to enjoy small pleasures. 

I do.  In fact, I look for magical little moments and savor them.  They make my other burdens feel lighter.

Joy can be found in unexpected places.  Here are some of my favorite small pleasures:

- Going through a car-wash while sitting in my car.  I did it today and felt like a kid.

- Picking up an old friend at the airport and seeing the excited look on their face when we spot each other.

- Visiting my girlfriends' fashion blogs and telling them they look beautiful when they do.

- Learning that Blogger is back online... :)

- Picking up the tab after a meal with friends.

- Mentally planning a new clothes outfit.

- Handwriting and mailing real paper greeting cards.  Am I the only person left who does this??

What are your favorite small pleasures?


  1. 1.waking up without an alarm.
    2.opening my sleepy eyes to the sight of my husband with our cat wrapped around his sleeping head.
    3.knowing that next week this time my sister will be at my house and we will be laughing and enjoying life together.
    4. dancing 30 feet off the ground intertwined in red fabric.

    so many more. i love your list. and i LOVE that you still hand write cards and send them to people.


  2. aww I love this post!! hmm. So many because I am a very easily amused person. Here's some random ones...

    1. Snuggling with my stuffed animals and pretending they are real haha.

    2. Playing the game with Jamesface where we have to hum songs from different video games and guess what songs they are.

    3. Listening and singing along to show tunes!!

    4. When you imagine an outfit in your head and then you try it on and photograph it and see it come to life.

    5. cupcakes =)

  3. Oh, these were very heartfelt Ralph !
    Well, for me finding that blogger was alive was also a happy moment as are:
    -A good night's sleep
    -When my family is together, it almost never happens and there is always fighting and criticizing - but we are family.
    - When my old high school friend appears - it's butterflies in my stomach.
    -Eating chocolate. Lots of it.

  4. How sweet can you be? ^^
    Taking my socks off and push them out -slowly- while I'm in bed.
    The first sip of tea in the morning.
    The way glicerina soap let my skin.
    Find a ladybug.
    When my grandmother caresses my hair.

  5. I like the smell of a new book, the first sip of a cup of tea, finally finding something I've been looking FOREVER for and cuddling with my cats until I have to blow my nose because my face is covered in cat hair :D

  6. I like to sniff books in general. I am a book sniffer! I love to write letters when I have the time. I really love just listening to music, had some Tori Amos therapy earlier, it was amazing.

    Oh and car washes are effing sweet!

  7. Amen to blogger being back online!

    I think the biggest little thing I get pleasure from is riding in the car with someone who not only doesn't mind you singing along to the radio, but turning it up and jamming out with you. :)

  8. Nice post Shy! The good things are sooo many! I really can't choose... good music, good food, good people, the smell of rain, horror-movies, making jewellery, my bf, our pets, our house (or any beautiful house), the stuff we bought together and mean something, anniversaries, Christmas, presents, being true to yourself, the sea, nature, rainbows, games of any kind, blogging, swimming, relaxing, reading (with the sniffing included),decorating, communicating deeply, drawing, proving to myself I can make it! I have lots more....! If I didn't have a bigger "bad things" list, I'd be such an optimist!! Haha! Kisses :)

  9. P.s. - I do the car-washes too!!

  10. With kids I enjoy so many little moments with them. When they give you a hug out of the blue. Or say 'I love you' for no reason.
    I also enjoy when I come up with a cool outfit combination or find a great inspiration.
    Getting comments on my post from others.
    When my husband makes a joke that really snaps me out of a bad mood and makes me love him all oever again.
    The taste a of a good coffee when you are tired and in desperate need.
    Godiva choclate truffles.
    Laughing with my girls.
    Shopping with my mom and joking about everything around us in Turkish so no one understands what we are saying.
    Seeing things from my kids point of view and getting excited like them.
    Reading a really good book that takes me a whole other world.
    Being home alone.
    Taking a bubble bath with no interruptions.
    Looking at the clear blue sky, or the night sky filled with stars if we go out of the city.
    So many more but I must go to bed now...


  11. Opening a glossy magazine, perusing used bookstores, drinking coffee out of really big mugs, walks on sunny days, eating cookies right out of the oven, laughing ... I have so many. I am a big believer in this as well.

  12. I did a scrapbook page once - 9 Simple things that make me happy - Let's see if I can remember them..(in no particular order)
    Snuggly pj's
    Fresh flowers in the house (hopefully bought by someone else)
    Tea in bed - love it when someone wakes before me to make me tea in bed - I get up for breakfast though
    My children's laughter
    Being in my husband's arms - that is "home" for me
    My animals - especially when they cuddle with us in bed
    Spending time with family and friends
    Can't remember the others, but can add
    Good Movies
    Fudge - the list could go on and on
    Nice to make lists like this - makes a person realise how much we have to be grateful for
    Lots of love...

  13. Oh I went through a car wash the other day- that's a little pleasure for me as well. I also still write handwritten cards- they're so nice to receive! My small little pleasures are petting my cats, reading a book, having a hot bath and catching up with old friends. Have a great weekend Shy!

  14. Love your list ... I have a few and way back in whenever it was, my blog at the time was Grateful Heart, and at the end of each post, I kept a little gratitude list ... loved it. It really makes you aware of your world ...
    coffee beans being ground in a grinder is one of my favourites, the smell just makes me float;
    receiving a handwritten note in the mail;
    a call from someone special you have not spoken with in ages;
    finding a chore you've been dreading is done;
    when my kids do something really thoughtful for each other;
    telling someone they look fabulous;
    looking someone in the eye and smiling brightly and they respond back with a smile ... ah, the simple pleasures of life

  15. I love your list, Ralph. :)

    For me:
    - smelling the air after the rain;
    - leaping into the air and catching the frisbee;
    - running faster than I ever thought I could;
    - a warm and purring cat on my lap;
    - a night of games with friends.

  16. Love this post! I used to love going through the car wash too as a kid. It felt kinda scary and cool at the same time.

    Small pleasures for me today...
    -sending unexpected care packages to friends full of fun candy like sour patch kids
    -eating sour patch kids despite the fact that I am cavity prone
    -wearing fuzzy socks
    -breakfasts at Denny's and dinners at Souplantation
    -getting freebies in the mail!

  17. That first cup of coffee in the morning and taking a walk on a sunny day.
    I am so busy a lot of the time that my head is spinning so I should be ashamed of myself for not mailing more letters and cards. I will try to make more of an effort.

  18. Great post!

    My list:
    1. puppy breath
    2. the cards that my husband gives me, he writes his own, no store bought stuff for him.
    3. the sound of peepers on a spring night
    4. a compliment that comes from the heart
    5. when a driver waves when I let them cut into traffic.

  19. Speaking of mailing real paper cards...

    I keep 4 of yours on my desk at work and all the rest saved at home with one on display.

    I've been meaning to tell you this for a while. :)

  20. The post made me smile.

    Some of mine:

    -A cup of well brewed coffee
    -The purr of a happy cat
    -The smell of sunshine
    -Sleeping in when it's rainy
    -Unexpected good news