Thursday, May 5, 2011


One important area of female appearance is hair.  For obvious reason, it's a subject I have virtually no experience with and very little knowledge of.  Hair intrigues me, though, and I pay attention to when women talk about it.

How do you feel about your hair?  Do you have a signature style or do you change it often?

I have a close friend in Florida named Elizabeth.  She's fun for a variety of reasons, one being her penchant for wild hair.  She dyes her hair amazing colors and she also hand-makes dreads that can be used as wigs or braided in as extensions.  The dreads take her 8-16 hours to make.

Elizabeth has a shop on Etsy and Facebook (The Black Abbey) where she sells hair accessories and jewelry.

Here are a number of looks that Elizabeth has rocked.  Tell me what you think.  They may be too wild for you, but they appeal to me for aesthetic reasons.


  1. I LOVE the powder blue coloured hair on Elizabeth-I've never seen that colour before but she rocks it! I've secretly always wanted purple hair but am worried my colleagues wouldn't take me as seriously. I miss being blonde- that's my favourite colour. Haha that bunny photo cracked me up!

  2. My best is the blue grey colour - with the cute pink bow - lovely...I think you have to have a special kind of confidence to dare to be that wild...Not many girls have it I know that I don't (and never did, even when I was younger), but Elizabeth obviously does...and she looks great with all the styles....Have a great weekend - Lots of love

  3. Hair. I love hair.

    I have always loved long hair for me and have kept the whole side-swept bangs look since middle school. (I'm afraid of a hair change)But just like how it looks I suppose. Unnatural hair colors are a thing for me too...I usually go between purple and pink off and on.

    Elizabeth, is beautiful, talented, and...DANG! Just awesome. I added her to my circle on Etsy to follow her future updates.

    P.S. I must admit you are one of the most nicest and fun bloggers I have came into contact with. Please do keep it up. ;)

  4. Thank you, Shayla. What a sweet thing to say.

  5. I care about my hair more than I should. I always have. My thick auburn/red mane takes a lot of work. But I love it.

    All those colors are amazing and gorgeous on her.

    Also, I love your wigs. You picked the perfect hairstyle to frame you pretty face.


  6. Wow, these styles look so awesome! I wish I had used the leeway given to youth and done something crazy with my hair during high school, now I feel it's too late. I must say that I dislike the social imperative that still tells women to have long hair and spend oodles of time caring for it (yet another area in which it's more work to be a woman, and in which we are told looks matter more than comfort), and I've considered getting a pixie cut, but after I've had long hair for all my life that would not only be drastic, but also destroy a lot of previous effort.

  7. She is very bold. I love the purple the best.
    I have always wanted to try bright blue streaks. I might buy clip on extensions to give the look a try.


  8. Hair... tricky subject! I personally dislike long hair. I think they need a lot of care and skills to maintain long, healthy, nicely styled hair and time that I can't spend. When I realised hair is such a fuss (in puberty), I cut them short and loved them!! I grew them long as an experiment, just to do something different, but then I noticed that everybody responded much better to long hair! (I agree with Poet on the social imperative thing). So now... I dream of short hair but I can't take the social impact of cutting them! You'd be surprised by how many people treat you better/take you more seriously, when you have long hair. Weird?
    Kisses buddy!!
    P.S. - Your blog rules! And your posts are almost poetic, sensitive and they always make me think! :)

  9. P.S.2 - Your friend's hair is awesome! I love it - I'll follow her! :)

  10. I used to have bright colorfull hair when I was about 18-20. But now I have my natural red color for about 4 years.
    But it starts to get boring and I want the bright colors back.
    When I had short hair all the adults(like 40-50 years old) thougth I looks great on but the people my age hated it and like my long her better.

  11. I Love the pinkish purple hair in the second pic. I keep my signature style because I think it is what suits me the best. I used to have really long hair down to my hips.

  12. She looks very good with all of the different hair styles. I don't think I would though, I like to just keep it simple.

  13. I love how she is badass enough to experiment so much! Once I dyed my hair dark brown and I cried and thought I looked disgusting for like three months haha. I feel like she just dyes and owns it, which is awesome! I love the really light powder blue one with the pink bow? SO CUTE!

    p.s. is that Ralphie from a Christmas Story?? hahahahhha I love it. =p

  14. Aww, her little blue bob is cute! I have had so many styles and colors, but I have never done colors like these! Wow, she looks amazing.

  15. Oh wow... she pulls off every look!

    I've struggled with my hair... it's naturally a light brown but in college I got really bad pneumonia and my hair started falling out... so I've spent years and years trying to grow it (it's now below my shoulders!). Also, since then, I've had to dye it because I started getting a lot of grey hair... not ideal for a twentysomething year old... but it's only hair ;)

  16. I LOVE wild hair! I'd dye my hair into indigo blue right away. <3

  17. She looks great in all the pics! think my favourites are the baby blue and the blond with the pink.
    Want to wish you a wonderful weekend,

  18. My signature look is hip length henna red hair. I don't change it much, but I do lots of different styles with it. I like to do pucca buns, different types of braids, pony tails, pig tails, regular buns, lei style hair dues with braids and buns, milk maid braids. Basically anything I can think of that won't involve putting chemicals or heat styling my hair (those things can damage long hair making it break and get shorter).

    Elizabeth is super cute! My friend makes falls and dreads too and she even made me a pair, I like to wear them sometimes for fun as an extra to my regular hair.

  19. I wish I was this awesome with my hair.
    It makes mine seem so boring.
    But I am totally in love with my long hair right now. I had it shorter for quite a while, and now I don't remember how I lived without a ponytail.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  20. How fun!!! I like to change and play with styles but I am not very wild about it! :)

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  21. Great post. Being transgendered means I think about female hairstyles all the time. I keep trying to grow mine long but I think i'm too old for long hair now. I wish my transgenderism would have surfaced alot earlier :-( I'd have loved to be able to have my hair like this:

    I love Elizabeth's looks, especially the first one.

    I really must email you.

  22. Love Elizabeth's looks! The dreads are super cool too. If it wasn't for the damage and maintenance of wild colours, I'd be wearing pink hair.

  23. OMG -talk about color !
    I could never pull anything like this off.
    I keep my hair style very, VERY basic : pony tail, pulled up or just let it be.
    I cut it MAX 3 times a year and get henna coloring about once a month.