Sunday, May 15, 2011

Famous Female Movie Characters

I love movies.  I mean, I really love movies.  Remembering the names of characters is part of my enjoyment of films.

Here's a pop quiz which I promise will be fun.  Below are the names of ten female characters from popular movies.  Without looking up the answers, figure out which movies the characters are from.  The answers are the titles of those movies.

You don't have to tell us the answers; just figure them out and add up your total right answers.  We trust you -- this is an honor system.  The correct answers are given in the first comment.

1. Olive Penderghast
2. Juno MacGuff
3. Nina Sayers
4. Sarah Marshall
5. Ilsa Lund
6. Toula Portokalos
7. Elizabeth Swann
8. Romy White
9. Sarah Connor
10. Leigh Anne Tuohy

Good luck!


  1. Here are the answers:

    1. "Easy A"
    2. "Juno"
    3. "Black Swan"
    4. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"
    5. "Casablanca"
    6. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"
    7. "Pirates Of The Caribbean"
    8. "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion"
    9. "Terminator"
    10. "The Blind Side"

  2. yay I got 8 right! I loved this quiz haha. And I'm terrible at remembering real life people names, but I always remember the names of characters from movies or tv shows. This was a fun post =)

  3. I scored terribly in this quiz! I better go prepare for the next one already! :)

    ♡ from ©

  4. Hello Shy Biker! I loved your comment on my last post- and you made a great point- not all of you lovelies are 20-somethings. In fact, I was wondering if you were perhaps a +40 blogger? If so I'd love to add your blog to my blog-roll. xo.-Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  5. I left a comment on your post little pleasures. Just letting you know because sometimes people don't check comments on older posts. Hope all is well with you!

  6. That was fun!! I didn't get many of those though...! Kisses :)

  7. Ohh I'm terrible! I only got 4... haha!
    That was fun :)

    Happy Monday!

  8. What a fun quiz! I love films! I can watch films all day everyday, if I had my way. But never really have the time to do that. I scored 8 and have to say I'm rather proud of that =)

  9. I got 6! In grad school, I took a foreign women's cinema class and fell in love with foreign cinema. We focused on watching films by female directors, and subsequently, many of the leads were female and memorable. Your post made me realize how much I miss watching good films. Perhaps it's time to rekindle my relationship with netflix?

  10. I got ZERO! Yay!! What do I win? Oh, wait, I'm a loser. Dammit.

    We will be in NYC from 6-11 through 6-18!


  11. Ha! The only ones I got were Juno and Terminator :P

  12. I love quizzes! I got 4 correct. I don't watch movies very often at all. There are a few coming out this summer that I want to see, though...starting with Harry Potter. I'm going to the midnight showing. I will BE there. July 15, baby.