Saturday, April 13, 2019

Saturday -- Records and Names

Today is Record Store Day! Go out and patronize your local shop.

Oh, and I found a new name -- Cabell. Despite the fact that neither you nor I ever heard this name before, it was common in the 19th Century. There were lots of men, including prominent ones, named Cabell. I discovered it while researching one of my favorite musicians, Cab Calloway. I learned Cab's real name was Cabell.

Hmm... I'm pondering a name change to Smokin' Cab. What do ya think?


  1. I'd never heard the name before either, and I certainly had no idea Cab Calloway's real name was Cabell! xxx

  2. Cab is a badass name. And I dig the groovy chick on the left. Think she'd play records backward with me?

  3. That's a great name! I wonder why it died out?

    1. No idea. Most names are topical. You don't see any new Josephines or Ediths. :)