Friday, April 26, 2019

On The Road

I love being in another state. It means you've left home and are on a path to adventure. Even rain can't dampen my enthusiasm.


  1. Oooooh, what a broody, dark and turbulent picture! But I love your positivity despite it perhaps making your journey more difficult!
    Ally my dearest, you were so kind to send me that lovely typed letter! It arrived as it was kindly posted by my old landlord from my house from when I was first married- luckily he has our address now as he didn't for a while so I fear we may have missed some post over the three years!

  2. Drive safe, it was raining all day here in Pennsylvania.

    1. I know! That's where I am -- an hour west of Philly.

  3. Drive safely, Ally, that weather does look treacherous, even if it makes for an amazing photograph! xxx

  4. What a gem of a post. Indeed the idea of traveling is exciting and this misty photo is quite lovely. I truly hope you enjoy your adventure.

  5. Love the photo but wouldn't love driving that road!!!