Saturday, May 19, 2018

Royal Wedding

Did you watch it? What did you think?


  1. I didn't watch it. Just saw some photos this morning.

    Looked lovely and they had perfect weather.


  2. I didn't watch it either, but a Facebook friend made photos of the whole ceremony - on his tv screen ;-) xxx

  3. We watched it on Oz. For once something was ok timing at 9pm. It's the first royal wedding my kids remember seeing. So it was a fun experience explaining it all. I loved the unconventionality and the american touches. How cool was the preacher! And the little pagekids...adorable!
    I liked her simple elegant styled dress. I predict more like this in her future.
    xo Jazzy Jack

  4. I watched parts of it as I had to go to a funeral but taped other parts which I will watch today ~I really want to see the service part of it. I think she looked absolutely beautiful (quite disappointed at the amount of people who are criticizing her dress and bouquet ... this is her second wedding after all!!!). I think she was elegant, and she is a beautiful addition to the royal family. I was rather shocked that she had no attendant for herself and walking down that first part of the aisle was sheer courage on her part. And those little people were adorable ~ especially Prince William's little-me.

  5. I didn't watch it, but admittedly I clicked on a few "articles" after it was over to see some pictures. They're such a pretty couple, and I hope they have a long, happy life together.

  6. My wife and I watched it. She is a bit of an anglo-phile. I loved the outfits the women wore to the ceremony. Every outfit was elegant and clearly an original...often with matching hat. I found it interesting that the guests were each furnished with a 7 page outline of the etiquette of the royal wedding. Women were asked to wear dresses with beige or nude hosiery and a hat. Dress codes lend class and a sense of history to events such as the wedding.

  7. I did not watch it and its just now that I am getting glimpses of it all via Twitter, IG and blogs. From what I have seen it looks like it was a beautiful ceremony and most important seems like they were just focused on each other.

  8. I didn't see it because I was out at a concert rehearsal and then concert- it seems like a lovely occasion though so I might catch up at some stage! What did YOU think of it?!

    1. It was unusual: these formal occasions are normally stilted and artificial but this one was infused with genuine emotion because the couple seem truly in love.