Monday, May 21, 2018


Photo by Mitchell Exclusive Pool Tables 

In the near future, I plan on acquiring some new space and the question arises of what to put in it. It took me little time to arrive at a perfect answer -- a billiards table. I love shooting pool and would enjoy having my own table.

I'm looking at modern designs and found a couple of really cool ones. What do you think of these? Have you ever played pool?


  1. Interesting designs. I have enjoyed shooting pool but was never very good. I am not sure that I like the new modern table designs. I would prefer the older traditional pool tables.

    While I am not very good at pool the last time I played was at the last Amanda's Saturday Party that I was able to attend about 2 years ago. Amanda hosts regular TG parties at the PL Lounge in S. Hackensack NJ. The bar has a pool table where the winner plays the next person in line at "8" Ball. While straight pool is a game of skill "8 Ball" often carries a good degree of luck and that night luck was in my corner pocket. I was unbeatable on the pool table. Where I lost it was the 4" stiletto's that I wore that night. After about an hour I gave my cue away so I could sit with my drink and rest my feet.


  2. I've always liked traditional style billiard tables. Some old charm with carved wood.

    I've played before, (as you know, once with you a bit) but I am terrible at it. It's good for a laugh for me. I often play when we are staying at resorts.

  3. These are lovely! I like the first one particularly!!

  4. I'm with Kezzie. I like the first dramatic.
    How exciting to be contemplating a new space. It is very energizing to me.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. True! My excitement over it increases daily as I ponder ways to decorate it.

  5. These are so sleek, they look like tablets.
    I've played pool maybe twice, I am terrible at it.

  6. How fun! I'm not that good at pool, but my dad is- he loves it! These tables are all really chic + modern.

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. These table designs are so beautiful!I I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this, but my dad plays billiards (the table doesn't have "holes" in the pockets) and is only played with three balls. He has tried unsuccessfully to teach me on numerous occasions :)

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