Sunday, May 27, 2018

Charter Oak Rally

I love nature and I equally enjoy city-life. This weekend I combined both pleasures. While camping in a tent on the edge of a bucolic pond at a motorcycle rally in Connecticut, I bounced into Providence, RI for the day. I've never really visited Providence before so it was an exciting adventure.

I have excellent instinct for finding the best areas in cities. I quickly located P's fun-center which is Wickenden Street. Not surprisingly it's walking distance from RISD and Brown University. The bohemian neighborhood has hip coffee-houses, lots of vintage stores and a few used record places. I found a cute vintage dress (that will be worn here soon) and a Nina Simone CD containing my favorite song of hers ("Sinnerman"). Best of all, I spotted and brought home a cardboard cylinder-package from the 1950's for a white girdle. (Picture below.) I plan to use the package as a home decoration; it's delightfully evocative of that era.

Did you have fun this weekend?


  1. You shared some beautiful pictures and I find that package of the girdle delightful, and agree that it is evocative of that era. That will look very cool on a shelf. I cannot wait to see the dress that you found. It is so much fun to explore new places. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  2. What a fun box to display! I love things like that.

    Looks like you had the perfect weather for your trip.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the dress you scored.

    Your tent pitching is impressive ; P


  3. What a beautiful area! And obviously you had to buy that vintage girdle box! What a delightful find, Ally. xxx

  4. Looks like it was a lovely weekend :)

  5. Your urban instincts are spot on! Wickenden is the perfect street for you. Downtown Prov is worth exploring as well. It's VASTLY improved over how it was in the late 70s-early 80s, when I lived in that fine city. Wickenden, however, was cool then too (just a different, more ethnic sort of cool).
    I have best friends that live there, it's a sweet place.

    1. Cool. I didn't know you knew the city so well.

  6. I also had a wonderful weekend with primary school friends that involved lots of swimming and eating and being outside.

    And that packaging you found is amazing, you just gotta love this style!

    Almost Stylish

  7. Awww, I love all of these photos! Sounds like you had a wonderful time camping and spending time outdoors. Also how cute is that girdle packaging?!

    I haven't been to Providence, RI, but quick getaways are the best!

  8. Love the scenery pics you took! Nice tent too. I've also been camping. I seem to have come back covered in spots and bites though so.not too happy!