Thursday, May 24, 2018

Motorcycle Camping

What are you guys doing this upcoming holiday weekend?

I'm riding north to the Charter Oak Rally, an annual BMW motorcycle event in scenic countryside with nice twisty roads. I'll tent-camp in the woods with other rugged riders and pop into Providence on Saturday to explore that small city.

Have fun!


  1. We had our long weekend last weekend : )

    Enjoy your trip! I hope the weather is brilliant.


  2. How fun does this sound?! Have a great time + be safe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. This sounds so cool! Have fun, I will be heading to the beach =) Kisses

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  4. Like Suzanne, we had our long weekend last week here in Belgium. Guess what: we went to two flea markets ;-) Your trip sounds like a lot of fun! xxx

  5. I hope you were able to stay dry. We are down the shore for the weekend. Saturday was a good day but with a wind off the water in the afternoon the beach was chilly. Saturday night we headed to the PNC to see John Fogerty and ZZ Top. On the way the heavens opened up. It poured to the point that people were stopping on the side of the GSP. We rode on happy that I had put the top up on the Mustang. I thought of you when we saw a couple drive by on a touring bike.
    The show was great. ZZ is amazing and Billy Gibbons is one of the true guitar gods and perhaps the coolest rock and roll guy of all time.
    Fogerty was at the top of his form. He did all the hits (except for Green River and I Saw it on TV). Billy Gibbons came on during Fogerty's set for a few songs. Dueling guitars at the finest.
    Sunday was a rainout down here and today is chilly.
    Enjoy the camping and stay dry.

    1. Saturday was amazing -- sunny and warm. Sunday was, as you say, a bust. I didn't mind the cold rain 'cause I was merely riding home but, geez, it was unpleasant. The worst part was the Bridgeport-Port Jeff ferry ride where I hoped to get some coffee and rest. Due to the weather, they advised me to "stay with the bike" instead of relaxing up top because "the ride will be choppy" and, on the hour trip, I was exposed to very cold blasts of mist and rain. I got off the ferry feeling like I'd been through an ordeal.

      I *loved* ZZ Top and got their albums when I was young. You're right: Gibbons is terrific. I'm in the middle of a book I'm sure you'll like: "Uncommon People: The Rise And Fall Of The Rock Stars." It's beautifully-written and the subject (of rock stars in 1950-1990) of personal interest to folks our age. Check it out; published last year.

  6. I love that you went motorcycle camping! Looks like you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!! I didn't go camping, but did spend quite a bit of time outdoors :) I love the summer!!