Wednesday, May 16, 2018

In The Groove

When I started blogging, SheilaSuzanne and others gave me the same advice over and over again -- "Put a belt on it," they said. Honestly, this was good advice and eventually I learned to accept its wisdom. Belts define a waist (which is important for me) and create an illusion of curves (equally vital). I discovered belts give my outfits a more feminine appearance.

While browsing a vintage store, I found an authentic belt from the Sixties. I love its shape and color. What do you think?

How often do you wear belts?


  1. Oh, thank you for the shout-out, hon! I LOVE this groovy belt - it looks amazing with this dress, and look how tiny your waist looks!

    I wear belts as the outfit calls for it, and I have all kinds of different types: hip belts, chain belts, obis, thick/mid/thin, solid copper!

  2. What a groovy belt you've found, Ally! It looks wonderful wit the dress and yellow opaques. I'm a big fan of belts and hardly a day goes by when I don't wear one. I've got boxes full of them! xxx

  3. Oooh! I love this belt! All kinds of groovy.

    Great job! You're looking fabulous!

    I think the style of the dress suits you so well.


  4. That belt looks gorgeous with your LBD.

    I never wear belts ... With my figure my hips scream out look how big we are in comparison to her waist!!!! LOL!!!!

  5. This belt really pops against the LBD! Love it!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. I think they were totally right in suggesting a belt and here you are totally rocking it. I like this belt and how it looks.

  7. This belt makes the outfit - lovely. Personally I cant get myself to wear belts.........

  8. I used to wear them all the time and I have a box of them but now I rarely do (although I am today!!)
    Your outfit reminds me very much of my ballet/tap class outfit from childhood!! Love it!

  9. you look very pretty in this short black dress with that bellies. And very true Belts define a waist. i wear very rare, but i think i should use it more.your belt is lovely.
    Happy week end.
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  10. Love the whole outfit!! I have the same colored tights and never thought to pair them with a black dress until now. Thanks for the idea! I just love wearing belts as well with my dresses. That one you found is amazing!