Thursday, September 15, 2016

Party Cat Fan Club

Many years ago I met Sara online and was instantly struck by her charm. At the time I didn't know why but I felt a magnetic pull. Yes, Sara is cute, smart and nice but that doesn't fully explain it. Finally, I learned the secret to her magic.

Sara aspires. Sara wants a better life. And she's working hard to get it.

I respect that. In fact, I admire it deeply. As someone who has struggled, I recognize hard work, setbacks and lack of support. Some of us have to endure a lot to improve our lives; it's an uphill battle. Sara has experienced that in her life's journey.

Sara has encountered obstacles. Big ones. She's achieved some victories, suffered some losses. A mixed record will give you a stark choice -- you either push forward or give up. On more than one occasion, I've seen Sara flattened by life but instead of quitting, she got up, dusted herself off and staggered back into the ring. She's a fighter.

At the same time, Sara is whimsical and eccentric. She has a great sense of humor. Her choices amuse her friends and her attitude is appealing. When life is hard, especially when life is hard, Sara keeps her head up and does her best. We see her courage and feel better about humanity and its potential. Sara displays wonderful qualities which is why she makes me smile constantly through her blog posts, Facebook updates and Twitter news.

Celebrating Sara is one of my projects. I look for ways to help her. My new effort is this -- I'm founding the Party Cat Fan Club. Membership is open to everyone who cares about helping others. No dues, just fun.

"Party Cat" is a nickname Sara's uses; it suits her. She frequently wears cat-ear decorations. By coincidence I call myself Ally Cat so we were destined to be cat sisters.  :-)

The first mission of the Party Cat Fan Club is to identify someone in your life whom you respect and talk them up. Promote them on social media. Tell others what a wonderful person they are. Spread the news and share the love.

That's all. Help others. It's the Party Cat Fan Club credo.


  1. I read this on my phone at work and started crying in the bathroom, you know, like adults do ;) I don't have the words to even begin to tell you how much I appreciate you. How much you have given me, especially coming all the way here to Detroit just to hangout with me. That means A LOT. I cannot wait until the day that I can return the favor.

    Thank you, once again for all that you have done. I am completely honored, ecstatic, and thankful to call you my friend :)

    1. The pleasure is mine, Sara. Really. We meet few special people in life and finding you is a joy.

  2. What an awesome idea and an even more excellent blog post. This is an idea that very much appeals to me. Now if I just wasn't so lazy...

  3. You always speak with such genuine warmth and reverence for your friends, Ally. It's a beautiful thing to witness and an awesome way to encounter new bloggers (or get to know old friends better) in the process.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Ally, you are seriously one of the kindest souls I've ever met, what a sweet and wonderful tribute to a super awesome lady. Much love.

  5. Your write with such heart about the people who care about and have met and it your writing is always filled with such sincerity and appreciation that I can't help but love the people you mention. You have such a gift and a heart for people. That is a really precious attribute Ally.

  6. Another thought provoking post Dear Ally ~ You are an awesome human being!!!!

  7. Help your dad to understand that even though he may be goofy as hell you love him. Also reserve your own right to be even goofier when the time comes

  8. How very nice of you and what a great idea: just hold out a hand :)