Friday, September 16, 2016

Halloween's Coming

For obvious reason, Halloween is my favorite holiday. It's coming up soon -- time to plan your costume. Are you dressing up this year? Any ideas?

Using a coupon, I got this cute Halloween decoration today at Kohls for free.


  1. What a cute decoration! I'm still thinking about my Halloween costume :)

  2. Halloween is big at my new job, so I am seriously considering dressing up. My White Rabbit costume last year was a favorite of mine, so I might reprise it. Already bought two small Halloween decorations for my room and have been checking out the Halloween earrings on etsy ... :)

  3. now that is a cute kitty! Halloween, hmm, not yet.. but I think it may be time for a costume party. I have not been to one for over 30 years! who will you be?
    xx, Elle

    1. I'll tell you -- but only if you invite me to your party!

  4. As an Aussie we don't celebrate Halloween but I am most definitely down for lots and lots of chocolate :-)

  5. Love the kitty. Halloween is not big in South Africa and I have never celebrated it.

    Can't wait to see your costume!

  6. Uber cute Halloween kitty. What a darling piece to add to your festive decor collection. As you know, I live for Halloween and, as I said to Tony yesterday, the last few weeks from mid-September onward are almost as good as October 31st for me. So much to do, decorate, wear, eat, watch, listen to, read and otherwise delight in all in the name of All Hallows' Eve.

    Have an awesome October 31st countdown!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Ya gotta love Kohls.
    Sara would love this.
    Sneek up and leave it mysteriously at her front door!

  8. Aww this is adorable! I haven't thought about it but would love to this year! :)

  9. can't wait to hear about your costume this year... you always have great ideas.