Saturday, September 17, 2016

Don't Give Up!

The dastardly New York Yankees played my beloved Boston Red Sox today so I wore my new David Ortiz shirt. I picked it up when visiting Fenway Park last month. In public, the shirt got many cheers and jeers from strangers. The Red Sox/Yankee rivalry is baseball's oldest and fiercest.

Boston won today, as it had yesterday and the day before. The Sox are in first place in their division and New York has been bad all season. For years the Yankees relied on aging players who got injured or retired and now have to re-build with young, untested rookies. I'm always happy to see their team lose.

While out riding today, a guy came up and complimented my motorcycle. (That happens a lot.) He is my age and he told me about several motorcycles he used to ride. I asked him why he isn't riding now and he said, "I'm too old." I vigorously disagreed and tried to persuade him to return to two-wheeled joy -- but it was hopeless. He's psychologically resigned himself to being an "old man" and believes he's beyond youthful activities.

I really felt sorry for the guy. As I mentioned, he's my age and still capable of riding; only a psychological barrier is preventing him from having fun. I've seen this before and it always saddens me. Sure we grow old but we needn't limit our lives until ill health does that for us. I hope to be riding my motorcycle into my nineties. (It's possible -- I've seen guys do it.)

How is your weekend going?


  1. I agree with you. When we limit ourselves we only speed up the aging process. As long as I'm healthy I'll keep doing what I'm doing.


  2. Yeah it is funny how people do this. Have you heard of the blogger Accidental Icon? In a sea of twenty something bloggers she stands out as a 60s plus blogger with GREAT style no body con wrap dresses and pumps for her and she is starting to hit it kind of big. So no you are never too old.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  3. Well the Queen of England is still riding her horse and what is your motorcycle if not your steed?

  4. Oh, same here! I encounter this frequently with vintage fashion, too. I'll have people who are younger, older and my same age all say that they think it's too late in life (or something to that end) to wear vintage. Pish, I say! I know folks who started in their early teens (myself included) and others who didn't rock vintage for the first time until their sixties - plus tons in between. If you love something, you're never to old to try and make it a part of your life. Good for you for trying to convince him of that. Who knows, maybe he'll go home, think over your advice, and take it to heart.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. You are going to be totally charming, loveable, handsome, and goofy as hell just like your dear old dad. Rock on Ally!

  6. I agree completely. But who knows, maybe he went home that night and you gave him pause. It's a hurdle to be sure but sometimes (usually always!) we are stuck in our own heads.