Sunday, September 27, 2015

Modern Halloween Costumes

I inadvertently revealed my advanced age last year when I picked a costume for Halloween -- café-owner Rick from "Casablanca." While the film is a classic in the art of the cinema, it's over 70 years old. Nobody today remembers back that far. Nobody "got" my costume-reference, even when I explained it to them.

In my defense, I did look smashingly handsome in a white dinner jacket at Ashley's party.

The failure is propelling me, while contemplating Halloween costumes this year, to be more modern. To pull from today's news and celebrities. Here's what I came up with. Let me know which of these you like...

- Instead of being Frankenstein's bride, I could be Frankenstein's gay husband at their now-legal wedding

- Our next First Lady: i.e., Donald Trump's third wife Melania Knauss-Trump

- Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis (wearing her cloak of intolerance)

- Kaley Cuoco (sadly single again)

- Teenage Suzanne twirling her baton

- Bernie Sanders's incompetent hairdresser

- Badass sea witch (a/k/a Megan Mae)

- Amy Schumer's BFF (JLaw)

- Kim Kardashian's accountant

- Beyoncé's second daughter, Beige Ivy

- Sheila's shoe collection

- Larry King's eighth (and hopefully final) wife, Shawn Southwick

- The cover of Redbook (September issue) (Christine)

- Lena Dunham's ghost-writer

- The Ghost of Jon Snow

- Kezzie in a Tardis


  1. Ha ha! What a fun list : )

    I think my Mom has the last photo of me in a baton outfit. It was a green leotard with cowboy fringe down the arms in bright pink and a cowboy hat. Right up your Ally (pun intended : ) )

    I'd love to see you going as Sheila's shoe collection too though. So many great choices!


  2. That's actually a great costume. I would've gotten it! I love your ideas. Hysterical.

  3. I vote for either Frankenstein's gay husband (<3), Sheila's shoe collection, or Bernie Sanders's incompetent hairdresser. Come to think of it, perhaps Bernie and Donald T. patronize the same hairdresser.

  4. Tough choice... I live the first idea. Or maybe Donald Trumps's hairdresser... Or his 'political strategist/image consultant'...

  5. There's nothing like a white dinner jacket to bring forth chic. And you look absolutely wonderful in one. Now you're making me want to go out and purchase one.

    Kia / KTS

  6. Beige Ivory, haha. Great post and so hilarious too! Love the Jon Snow reference too, perhaps that! Enjoy the week
    Back in the Kitchen

  7. *Shakes head and sighs at society as a whole* That is a true shame. Casablanca is as classic as any film will ever be and it's rather astonishing that no one got your costume reference, even when you explained it. Had you been at a Halloween party filled with vintage loving folks, I assure that such would not have been the case.

    This is a great list, Ally. So fresh, fun and creative! I especially like the idea of going as Frankenstein's gay partner/husband. It's about time we say more progressive spins on the classic horror/Halloween stories that we all grew up with.

    Whatever you wear this October 31st, my friend, I know it will be awesome!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. I'm sure you'll have fun whatever you wear! But ME as a costume inspiration? I'm honoured!!!x

  9. Okay, PLEASE do not kill me... but you could also repurpose that outfit as Colonel Sanders from KFC. All you need are some glasses and a bucket of wings and it would be so spot on.

    Thank you for the Redbook shout out! I'd love to see you in a red wig! I also think that Donald Trump's toupee would make a marvelous Halloween costume!

    Hope you're doing well my friend xx

  10. Wow I am surprised that no one new Casablanca it may be 70 years old but it is referenced all the time, that is surprising.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  11. Love Casablanca! You do look smashing in that jacket. How sad that nobody got the costume reference.

  12. Ummm! I only get the blogger references. How old am I!
    Definitely Sheila's shoe collection from me :-)
    Looking suave and quite feminine in your Casablanca white. Xo Jazzy Jack

  13. I "got" your costume! No one ever gets my costumes (no one knew who Veronica Lake was last year, and when I dressed up as Princess Lolli from Candyland, I had to explain it over and over again...c'mon people.) Why not be all of these costume ideas and make it a blog project? - A

  14. Ooh...tough one. A toss up between Melania and Chrisitne. ok! Not, Christine wins hands down. Can't wait to see what you decide , and yes you look terribly handsome in the photo, and I get the Casablanca reference..
    Xx, Elle

  15. I love an elegant costume! A classic is always fresh and timeless. So surprised that many people didn't get the reference ... one thing I remember from taking Art 101 in college is that one of the assignments was to watch the film and choose a scene to sketch.
    And when one of your choices is badass seawitch ... really, do we even need to consider anything else?

  16. hehe I got the reference! I say whatever will be the most fun to wear is the ticket.

  17. I laughed so hard about Sheila's shoe collection! I think you should be Amy Schumer's BFF, only because I want to be her BFF!

  18. All of these are hilarious and wonderful options! I'm so sad no one understood "Casablanca." :( As for this year, I like Frankenstein's gay husband, or Bernie Sanders' incompetent hairdresser. Fun options and ideas!