Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Taking Stock

Last November, I had an idea for a post -- to make a list of major experiences I've had in life. I wrote the post for myself, to remind me of the many important events that have occurred to me. Such a reminder is valuable because it generates insight and contentment. The effect is similar to what happens when you feel gratitude for life's good bits.

I'm pleased to see one of my readers, a lovely woman named Carrie, was inspired by the post. She did the same thing on her blog (here). Her post is interesting reading. In it, we learn that Carrie is a teacher, a twin and  a black belt in the Japanese martial art of aikido. You might not have guessed that just from looking at her cute outfits.

Why don't you try doing a post like this? I enjoyed it, and so did Carrie. You will, too.



  1. Great idea! You always challenge us to think deeper ... Thank you for being such a special human being Ally!!!

  2. Ally, thank you for the very kind mention! I hopped on bloglovin after work and you can imagine my surprise when I I saw my photo on your blog. Thank you for the inspiration - the post you inspired was fun and thought-provoking to write.

    1. Thanks for carrying the idea further down the road!

  3. I love this idea. It would be great to sit down and actually think about and remember all of the great experiences! I might have to do this.

  4. I also really like this idea and I will keep it in mind... maybe I will do something similar soon :)
    Thank you for sharing this!
    And now I will go and check out Carries blog :)

  5. Self reflection is always a good idea! I am not surprised that she ( adorable!_ was inspired!
    xx, Elle

  6. Marvelous idea for a post. I feel that in some ways I've shared a lot of that kind of information peppers throughout six years of posts at this point and more collectedly in a few "blog tag" entries, but want to do this all the same and to try to share more about myself that my readers may not know. I shall not rush it though. A post this intimate deserves to be well crafted, thoughtful and highly poignant (to the writer), so I will let the wheels start turning and see what path they lead me down from there. Thank you both very much for the excellent inspiration and for sharing so much, straight from the heart, about yourselves.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I somehow missed that post of yours. I enjoyed Carrie's, but also enjoyed your post, too. I've been kicking around the idea of doing something like this, only I call it "Keeping It Real." I may just have to follow through. :-)