Saturday, April 25, 2015

Combining Pleasures

What do you get when you take a nice Spring day, time off from work, a long motorcycle ride and add a blogger meetup and shopping? Fun!

Today, I rode my comfy big bike east to Sayville where I met Emily. I've known Emily for a year or two but have never met her in person. Today was the day for that. Emily announced on Facebook this morning that she has a booth at a street fair where she would be selling attractive handmade fabric crafts she creates herself. That provided incentive for me to ride east.

Ironically, even though Emily grew up on Long Island, I met her through Ashley who lives in Minnesota. Emily and Ashley were once pen-pals and they continue their friendship to the present.

Emily now lives in an apartment in Manhattan, where she works and hobnobs with celebrities, but she comes home on the weekends to see her boyfriend and family. And sell her crafts. I bought the cute animal-print clutch shown above. Inside, it's bright pink which sealed the deal.

I was pleased to discover that Emily is as sweet in person as she is online. Both she and Ashley have great senses of humor, so chatting with them is always entertaining. Seeing Emily was the highlight of my day.

Emily's well-made bags and purses are available on Etsy. Go take a look!


  1. What a fab clutch! Even better that it is handmade by someone you know : )

    You're getting around lady.

    Sounds like a fun day.


  2. Maybe one day we can meet up and you can help me get over my fear of motorcycles!

  3. Awww ! Sounds like you've been having a great time with all your traveling. You're making me want to come back up north. I miss it!!

  4. you can't go wrong with animal prints!!!