Monday, April 6, 2015

Savoring The Moment

I've learned that it's great fun to meet fellow-bloggers. We share many interests and find chatting easy and enjoyable. That is a cogent reason to visit online-friends in person.

A second reason I do this is my age. When you get to my stage of life, you realize nothing should be taken for granted. We see friends and family members get ill and die; we discover there's a finite time left for us. Life is a precious gift that should be savored. Don't postpone having fun until tomorrow; you might not be around then.

Famous comedian George Burns commented on this point. At his 90th birthday party, George said he doesn't put anything off. His exact words were "At my age, I don't buy green bananas..."

Do you know who George Burns was?


  1. George Burns was a funny guy, and I often think of him when I do buy green bananas. LOL My husband has a bad habit of putting off everything till tomorrow. I agree with you, you never know what tomorrow will bring. Best to squeeze it in today.


  2. I used to love him as a kid. And I agree with his sentiment. Sometimes it's easier said than done, but it's always true!

  3. I certainly know George Burns and loved seeing him on tv.
    I have a 99 year old aunt who I call and sometimes take out for a ride. I called her on Monday morning and asked what she was going to do on Sunday. She laughed and replied " I don't look that far ahead.. at my age I can barely do today"

  4. Wise words indeed, Ally - and ones that I think need to be drive home far more often these days, when so many of us stretched thin on time, energy, and patience. It's important to stop and take stock of what really matters and how we can make the most of the very limited time we're all fortunate enough to have on this third rock from the sun of ours.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Not heard of him but I like his words x

    1. In his day, he was as big as Justin Bieber. Only funnier.

  6. yes, i know him! funny guy. i in the now!

  7. Of course I know him, although he usually goes by God.

  8. Absolutely, saw him in Concert once and got to meet him in person and get his autograph on another occasion in the Seventies when he visited our Bank. Such a nice person, so funny and the Love he had for his Dearly Departed Wife Gracie was Inspirational. Dawn... The Bohemian