Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New York's "Ice Bar"

They just opened up an "ice bar" in Manhattan.  So cool -- literally!

Everything in the bar is made of ice, carved by an ice-sculptor.  The chairs, the furniture, the decorations -- even the glasses! -- are made of ice.  The temperature in the bar is 23-degrees F (or minus-5 C).  When you go in, they give you Eskimo gear (parka, gloves, boots).  (More info here.)

The temperature here in New York is hitting 90-degrees outside, so this frigid freezer will be a welcome relief.  I can't wait to go!  Would you venture into such a place??


  1. Just lovely! =)

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  2. I've heard of ice bars and I think we may even have one here in Minneapolis. I've never been to one though. I think it would be a great place to beat the summer heat!

  3. I've heard of those kinds of places in areas that are always cold (like ice hotels in Canada or northern Europe), but never one that's open year-round in a place that gets as warm as NYC! I bet it will be super-popular this summer. Take lots of pics when you go and let us know how it is!

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  5. I'd totally go--perfect place for a hot flash!

  6. How cool is that? Literally. :) I hate being cold though so I don't know if I could tolerate it.

  7. It sure sounds like fun Ally but I'm not a fan of cold weather, however, would go in for a drink or two just for the experience. Meet you there?

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  8. Not sure I would venture into a place like that ... don't like getting cold but then it would be a totally cool experience. I will meet you and Wendy there!

    1. We're the fashionably dressed gals at the bar.

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  10. I'd surely want to try it, I love going to new places :-). Bringing my furry jacket ;) Hugs

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  11. This would be such a fun place to visit. I can only imagine the drinks on the menu!

  12. I wish that bar was open when I was there last month. I would have stayed in that place until they kicked me out.

  13. You bet! I rarely mind the cold (provided I have adequate clothing on) and would welcome the chance to feel a little shivery during the dog days of summer (as going to NYC is out of the cards, I might have to pull up a barstool at the nearest walk-in freezer! :)).

    ♥ Jessica