Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another View

Today, Meghan reports her experience of our meetup in New York last week.  She also shares some photos she took.  Go take a look at her blog here.

I always find it interesting how two people can do the same thing and have different experiences.  Our perceptions are subjective.  We see, hear and feel depending on who we are and that differs from person to person.

Have you ever learned that someone experienced something you participated in differently than you did?


  1. I think it's definitely interesting to see how other people feel. I also like seeing how the same event looks through another person's camera too.

  2. Even with both of our perspectives being different, I think we both still had fun! :-)

  3. I have just been over to Meghan's blog, and it was a picture paradise - you both gave us pictures of a wonderful day out and for someone like me who has never been to NYC it was lovely to see a different side x I love different pespectives x