Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Celebrating Baseball

Today is Baseball Day.  At the midpoint of the season, there are several events celebrating the sport.  Tonight is the All-Star Game, in which the most talented players compete in good spirit, having fun being with each other and joking around.  Yesterday was the Home Run Derby which showed players trying to knock balls out of the park.  Before the Derby, my beloved Rockettes danced on top of the dugout.  Those girls can hoof!

As far as sports go, baseball tops the bunch.  It requires skill, experience, strength and cunning.  There is strategy, history and culture.  The deeper you dig into baseball, the more gold you find.  It's a rewarding game to follow.

Unlike football and hockey, there is little violence in baseball.  Camaraderie and good sportsmanship is valued highly.

I played baseball as a child, first in parks and later in Little League.  I loved the sport and was good at it.  My experience was marred, however, by bad parenting from fathers who, frustrated with their own past failures, try to live vicariously through their 8-year old sons.  These fathers don't realize they are raising children; they think they are battling the World Series with professional players.  The fathers yell, curse and act atrociously.  Several times I scratched my head and wondered when these so-called adults would grow up.

Anyway, back to the joys of baseball...  Since the game is on my mind, I thought I'd use it as the inspiration for an outfit-post.  I love being creative and I pondered how to make a baseball uniform look feminine.  Here's my swing at it.

Do you like baseball?  Did you ever play it?  What sports did you play?





  1. Very feminine indeed -- but I'll have to agree to disagree with you on the merits of baseball. It's the one sport I can't get behind (despite having played it too!)

  2. Well, damn, girl, you sure know how to rock a uniform! Love it! Of course, you know I root for the Phillies. ;-)

  3. Oh my gosh, this outfit is so freaking adorable! I love the jersey-with-tights look :)

  4. Ally, you should be baseball's new pin-up girl! You look both sporty and very sexy. That lipstick is the bomb!

    Love ya,

  5. Wow! You look stunning in this outfit! This makes me want to buy everything you're wearing :) Your shoes are really cute.

    I never really played sports in school. I kind of wish I had, but whatever. I was too busy playing with Micro Machines, Polly Pocket, and drawing when I was little. I had a HUGE imagination that always kept me busy. I guess you could say it was kind of a sport ;)

    1. They're Steve Madden black velvet pumps, picked up at a thrift-store for $10.

  6. Baseball is my favorite sport! It's the only one I ever played as a kid, it's the only one I've ever been to a professional game for. Though it was a Braves game, not a Met's. ;)

    I wasn't half bad at kickball in school. At least it was one I never got picked last for.

  7. I'm not into baseball like at all - ok, I hardly understand any activity when one person is to hitting another.. or at least try to - but you look stunning. I guess I could look at baseball with joy if every person on field would be wearing your uniform

  8. my hub is a sports fan and loves baseball, me? I have never gotten into sports but could watch ice skaters all day - it irks me too the parents who have failed as sportspeople shout at their children (even fun filled holiday park games, I witnessed full on family disgust because a 7 year old failed to bat a ball,they took their son out of the game and walked off!!! on holiday! it left our daughers a little confused) sports shirts and heels makes a very sexy look though x

  9. I like the *idea* of baseball, but find all sports boring in action. But your outfit isn't boring! Looking good!

  10. Baseball/softball/Little League is huge where I live. We have a large baseball park right up the street.
    I love your baseball inspired outfit!!

  11. Your baseball inspired look is a winner.
    I don't watch sports and am not into them , but i did play baseball when I was a child and enjoyed it!

  12. I love this outfit! I really like the idea of wearing sports-influenced outfits. I don't really follow any sport. I used to take gymnastics, and was once offered a spot on the Olympic training team. For reasons I will never, ever understand, I turned it down.

    But you look fantastic!

  13. Sexy ball player look here!
    Sorry, I do not like baseball. What was that movie with Madonna and Rosie, "There's no crying in baseball!!!!" You remind me of that movie here :)

  14. I LOVE baseball and I LOVE you in that outfit!!!!

  15. Love it how you are getting into the theme of it! Although I have never played, and don't know much about, baseball I like that it is a non violence sport in comparison with many others. As for me, the love of my life is tennis. I follow it all the time and adore playing. When I was younger I also was very involved in both swimming and running.

  16. I hate sports but I don't mind going to a high school football game and even then it's not for the game. It's for the concession stand food and halftime!

  17. I like baseball, it's pretty exotic to me because here in Italy it seems everybody is crazy about soccer ! Baseball means USA to me, hehe :) I agree with your opinion about parents putting too much preassure on their kids as if they were professional players ! This is wrong, but many parents do it, unfortunately ! I love how you gave that feminine touch to the baseball blouse, so cute ! Hugs

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  18. Ahh! This is awesome. I was never into 'organized' sports growing up. I did things like dance, rock climbing, hiking. That sort of thing but I remember going to see the Toronto Blue Jays when they won the series (like 100 years ago) and it was so exciting. Living in Vancouver I'm getting into sports a lot more. It's definitely a sports town. In fact, I'm going to my very first CFL game on Saturday and I'm super excited!

  19. Hi Ally,

    Love the outfit - when I come to visit and we've done the high tea and clothing stores can we go watch a game?

    I love baseball but its not shown on our sports channels here. I played softball as a girl, as did Lynn and our sister Norma. Loved it.

    Happy Weekend

  20. i like these pictures! i never played baseball, but my daughter did for years. luckily we had a great team of parents, but we did encounter parents like the ones you described. shameful.

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  21. Wise insights into, what I'm quite certain, is an all too familiar scenario for many children who do sports. I played on a number of different sports teams as a youngster, and often saw coaches and parents alike losing sight of actually coaching, caring and instilling confidence, and instead living out their own fantasies of success vicariously through the children they were charged to lead. I don't have a competitive bone in my body when it comes to most things, sports very much included (I just enjoyed playing for the fun it), so I wasn't overly phased by such adults at the time, but even still, I too found myself scratching my head in wonderment at their wildly poor parenting/coaching (and life!) skills sometimes.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Terrific outfit! I haven't owned a baseball (or any kind of sport) jersey in years, but you've suddenly got me wishing I had one to sport, too!