Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Whoa, That Was Close

This is true.  I swear it.

Kelly Nash is a sports-reporter from Tampa Bay.  She was covering her team in Boston last week.  Before the game, she decided to take a picture of herself in Fenway Park.  The game hadn't started yet but the players were doing batting-practice.

Check out Kelly's photo -- it shows a ball travelling right at her head.  This isn't a staged or photoshopped picture -- the ball was actually that close to hitting her.  Fortunately, it missed her by an inch.  She could have been seriously hurt.

Have you ever been to a baseball game?


  1. I've been to games here (way back when) but never on the scale of the Americans. I'd so love to go to a game at Yankee Stadium - its on my bucket list ... and that will happen the day after we go shopping ;-)

  2. Been to a couple of baseball games here in SA ... when some American teams were visiting but, as Wendy says, nothing like what you guys experience in America.

    I used to play softball and one night at practise I was playing catch and some guys were practising their pitching and the guy missed the ball and it his me in the eye ... I had a right royal shiner!!! Of course it was very difficult trying to convince people of what actually happened!!! LO!!!!

  3. that's perfect timing for that picture, wow!

    i've been to a baseball game or two with my dad. he wanted me to be much more of a tomboy than i turned out--he loves sports, but i dislike most of them.

  4. Wow she was really lucky !
    I have been to about 5 baseball games. Whenever I went it was just to hang out with friends.
    I did not pay much attention to the game itself.
    I actually recall jumping over the huge fence once, so i did not have to pay for entrance :/

  5. Yipes!

    Actually I have. I've been to a Braves game. I got invited to go on a friend's church retreat where they were going to six flags over Atlanta and to a Braves game. I had a surprisingly good time. Baseball games are actually pretty enjoyable for someone who doesn't like sports and probably doesn't know the rules. Though I wasn't seated close enough to be hit by a ball!

  6. Whoa, that's crazy! She'd have surely been knocked out otherwise! I've not been to a baseball game or indeed any other organised sport! Just went to the dress rehearsal of the Olympic games open ceremony last summer!x

  7. That sucks!! I'm not a fan of baseball (or any sport for that matter).

  8. OMG, that's a weird picture. I almost got clobbered by a baseball when I was a kid playing with the boys in the 'hood. I had playfully batted at one boy's butt (gently) when he was bending over to pick up the ball. But I must have hit a tender area, because he stood up screaming and threw the ball right at me. If I hadn't ducked he would've knocked me out. My brother walked me home and we were both pretty shaken.

    And yes, I've been to lots of baseball games, mostly when my dad used to take us.

  9. Wow that is intense. Pretty incredible that she was not seriously hurt. What a picture.

  10. WHOA! That is so crazy. And, way too close for comfort too. I'm so glad that she was ok.

    I don't really go to sports events. I've been to two baseball games!

  11. I have never in my life followed baseball, but my husband and I went to a Mariner's game a couple of years ago and they happened to be playing the New York ? you know...the one with Rodrigues and Derek Jeter. haha I knew those two players because they'd dated acresses and I do keep up with celebrity news. lol Anyway, it was a super exciting game and we ended up winning! And I don't think our team is known for that. hahaha

    1. Great story, Lisa. I *hate* the Yankees. I'm glad your team beat them.