Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Traveling To The Moon

I realized recently what my blog is.  It is part autobiography and part art-project.  Saying that may help you understand my offerings.

I've always been a fervent fan of female beauty.  It attracts me with titanic force.  A glimpse of femininity is enough to race my heart and excite my imagination.

Before I began blogging, I never believed I'd be able to create female beauty myself.  I don't have curves in the right places on my body.  I'm at the tail-end of youth.  I'm large with Brobdingnagian feet.  But...

I have desire and enthusiasm.  Immense desire, stupendous enthusiasm.  At some point in life you learn that these combine to make rocket fuel for dreams.  With desire and enthusiasm you can reach the moon. 

I started seeing an attractive dress-style about two years ago when it became fashionable.  The style has staying power and can still be found in top shops.  Time has allowed some examples of the style to trickle down to discount stores where I purchased this example.  While I wouldn't buy one for three or four figures at a tony shop, I gladly plunked down $16.95 in Marshall's last week.  Plus, it has my colors.

Comments invited and gratefully appreciated.


  1. Ally, you forgot to mention your mega-watt smile, lovely eyes, and shapely legs that run on for miles!

    I like the strong design elements of this dress. But you know what? I'd like to see you rock this take-no-prisoners dress again, but this time more, um, bad ass-er. Leather jacket, fishnet hose, stilettos, wilder hair. Or maybe even that fishnet hose sleeves thing Megan does. Yup, this dress is meant for a dangerous and powerful woman. You know, one that rides motorcycles.

    You make me want to go out and buy a dangerous and powerful woman dress, too. I think I've gotten too old and quiet. Maybe I need to wear that green sequined vintage tank I thrifted - even if it's just on the blog for my friends or out to dinner with hubs and shocked restaurant goers...

  2. Lynne is cracking me up. haha You're talking femininity and she's wanting your to get all down and dirty badass with leather, fishnettes and stilletos. Naughty, naughty Lynne.
    These are really vibrant colors and I like them together. Those bold stripes are not for the faint of heart. You pull them off beautifully.

  3. I have to admit Lynne and Lisa were faster than me. remix with dress to more badass look. I love your look romantic but looking at this dress I want to see different Ally.
    But this outfit is very nice and very you - tender and gently and, yes-yes, feminine.
    I love how you lipstick matches the dress. By the way, could you please make a close us of your lovely earrings one day? I can't understand how exactly they look :)

  4. Interesting responses, guys. Thanks. Never occurred to me to go badass, but I see your point. Next time!

  5. I love the dress! It does have your colors, lol. It matches your blog perfectly. This would be a great party dress, or even worn with a leather jacket to look a little hard-core or with flats and something lighter to look more sweet. I love dresses like this :)

  6. Ooh I like Sara's idea of adding a leather jacket - that would totally make it badass! But even without, it looks fab on you, the fit is outstanding and the color is perfect! And I love your funky bracelets!

  7. I love this has beautiful colours and such a sleek, flattering fit! You really rock it :) I would love it with a leather jacket too...but honestly like the classy way you've styled it even better!

    <3 Cambria

  8. Very cute dress! The lines on it give the illusion of curves as well, so it's a great choice for you :)

  9. Fab dress! I'm in the bad ass camp, too. Leather wrist cuffs, fishnets and ankle boots, rock it to the max! x

  10. This dress is badass AND feminine. the best of both worlds. I think it gives you a good shape, and looks great paired with that awesome pendant necklace and mid-height wedges. I think it could be remixed to look 'tough' like everyone else suggests, but it could also go the other way with a sweet jacket in a purple or similar shade of pink.

    I think you create feminine beauty perfectly fine. You do not have to be a cis-female to create feminine beauty, nor identify as male to feel masculine in a positive way. I love that you own up to your ambitions and strive to use your creativity to express yourself.

  11. Ah. The bandage dress. Gorgeous colors and I love the graphic design elements; you look fabulous.

    However, I don't see you wearing a leather jacket with this. It doesn't seem to be your style. It definitely could be worn with a leather jacket, but is it really YOU?

  12. Great colors. Great fit. You look fantastic. Coming here always makes me feel better. Your enthusiasm is infectious.


  13. Look at those legs! I do love this coral colour dress and think that it looks just as lovely as a premium shop so well done you! xo

  14. Visual art! Coral is one of my favorite colors and you wear it well. Your poses are perfection.

  15. I think you look AMAZING in that dress! I totally wish I could rock it as well as you did!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  16. Nicely done.... you did a wonderful job with this.

  17. Whenever I see one of your outfits I always think of how very feminine it is. You look like a very stylish, uber feminine woman. I truly mean this as a compliment! I often feel like my style is a bit masculine rather than very feminine. The way you put all this together is very feminine and fabulous!
    And honest Ally, your feet do not look big at all! I saw a young girl going in an athletic shoe store the other day and if you want to talk BIG feet, that girl had them. Your feet look just right. Who notices feet anyway with legs that look like yours?

  18. What beautiful dress. And you have such great legs!

    "I don't have curves in the right places on my body." You would be surprised how many of us feel that way...I know that I am among them. Don't doubt yourself! Love what you've got, and flaunt it!