Saturday, August 4, 2012

And The Winner Is...

I'm old school.  To pick a winner of the Henri Bendel prizes, I didn't use a computer algorithm or other digital device; I used the method we had for raffles back in the old days.  Everyone who commented got their name on a slip of paper (I printed out the comments and then cut them up); the names were put in a bowl; the bowl was tossed like a salad; and then, with eyes closed, I picked a winner.

Oh, and I hope you don't mind, but I also used the opportunity to dress up!

Here's what the raffle process looked like.

And the winner is Tanvi!! 

Tanvi has a fun, informative blog here.  I've been following her for decades.  Going back to the Eighties, I think.  :)  

Tanvi's blog is especially interesting because, beyond her attractive fashion-choices, she offers sound advice on healthy living, nutrition and exercise.  I always feel like I should be paying for her valuable content, but it's given to us free.  Tanvi lives somewhere in the big state of Texas.  Congrats, buddy!


  1. Hahhhahaa ... I was born in the eighties :P

    Thank you SO much!!! For the lovely gift and the kind words. I am over the moon this weekend!!! :)

    ∞ © ∞

  2. Congratulations Tanvi!!

    On a side note, love that top Shy, I would love to see something like that in green (green's more my thing) but the pink really suits you :D

  3. Congrats to Tanvi!! Love your necklace. ;)

  4. Congrats, Tanvi!

    Ally, you are very pretty in pink! I'm working on another package to send you :)

  5. You can always find an opportunity to dress up !
    Congrats to Tavi.. and I love these shots, you loo SO HAPPY!

  6. Congrats Tavi!!

    Ally, you look super pretty, I love the pink!

    And also, I did an old school raffle when I did my giveaway too. It's easier ;)

  7. You look so ooooh la la in your pink and black. Love the more dramatic eye make up too. I have tried do do eye shadows, but either I just can't apply it right or it doesn't look good on I just stick to the same old blue liner.
    Congrats to Tavi! And thank you for pointing me to her blog.

  8. tanvi always wins the giveaways, lucky gal!

  9. I love old school!! The "names in the bowl" works for me and I love your dressing up for the occasion!! Tanvi is wonderful. I'm not on Facebook so, since it's a comment-free blog, I admire from afar but she's great. I'm glad she won and that she's acknowledged here.

    I adore eye makeup more than anything and you've set the bar awfully high. I think I have a date with my bathroom mirror.

  10. You have an amazing sense of humor! Thanks for the intro to Tanvi and happy that you dressed for the drawing. Glamour is always appreciated!

  11. oh this is a great way to choose a winner! I am holding a giveaway myself! wanna see? :)

  12. congrats to the winner! and you are certainly pretty in pink!


  13. I love how you did this raffle, you look awesome, the color looks great on you :)