Sunday, August 19, 2012

Around The World

Through the amazing Internet, we can make friends around the world.  Last year, I met this really nice South African blogger named Wendy.  We chat often and I like her.  I've even met Wendy's sister, Lynn, who's equally sweet.

When I offered a terrific china mug for my giveaway, Wendy mentioned that she'd enjoy one, so I popped one in the mail to her.  It just arrived and she thanks me for it here.  I'm thrilled it managed to travel halfway around the world in one piece.

Give Wendy's blog a look; you'll like it.  And her!


  1. How cool! The internet is awesome for instant communication, but nothing beats getting something snail mailed. Wendy sounds like an awesome person.

  2. Ally, That was a seriously sweet thing to do. Wendy is thrilled with the mug and I am so happy that it got to her so close to her birthday!

  3. Thats so cool, and thats what I love about blogging.. meeting people from all around the world. On another note.. the look that Wendy is wearing in that photo would look great on you!! I havent seen you wearing pants....

    1. You're right. It's just that I've tried so hard my whole life to get away from wearing (male) pants that now I find it difficult to want to wear them, even though they're female pants. I should get over that. I tried moving in that direction by wearing shorts and it went better than I expected. Womens pants, even though they are pants, can be stylish and fun.