Sunday, June 17, 2012


We all worry about something -- our parents' approval, school grades, our boss's assessment of our performance.

Sometimes we worry too much.  I'm guilty of this.  Anxiety has been the most corrosive force in my life and I'm constantly battling its effects.  People don't see it because I'm calm on the outside.  Underneath my placid exterior, however, is often a boiling cauldron of anxiety.

What do you do to keep your anxiety under control?  How do you manage it?

I find physical exercise helps.  Soothing music helps.  Cups of hot tea relax me.  What tips do you have?


  1. i think the opposite of soothing music helps--when i'm most anxious i listen to hard rock or something i can really sing along to that gets the frustration and twitchiness out. i'm working on new tips for dealing with my anxiety because i've quit smoking so i'll be watching the comments :)

  2. I forgot to mention -- riding my motorcycle really fast calms me down. It puts all my attention on survival and takes my mind away from the thing that was worrying me.

  3. Lately I've been relying on my mania and anxiety to help me get things done. It's not really a good thing, because it drains me much worse than relying on pure inspiration. I'm sure people may have noticed my mania lately, my mom has commented on it a few times. I don't know if it's leaked through into my online life.

    Depends on what is causing the specific anxiety - social, situational, etc. to how I deal with it. Cleaning helps, organizing the physical organizes some of the mental. Reading is usually a good escape. Deep breathing (check out "square breathing" for those who need a quick meditative way to bring themselves down.)

    Music, most people's choice to bring themselves 'down', agitates me. We did a live experiment in my wellness class. An older male classmate had a machine that measured your skin 'tense-ness' (there's a sciency word there, but anyway). He had built it years ago before the modern machines were widely available but it sets off a high pitched whine if you are tense and you're supposed to be able to moderate your own tense levels by trying to relax and make the noise stop.

    People listening to their favorite music actually made the whine louder and higher pitched, people with the lights off and silence got to almost quiet. We went through about half the class trying it out. (I did not try it myself as I'm sure it would have been crazy loud!)

    1. I haven't noticed any online mania! :)

  4. I have always been a victim of anxiety mostly from my own negative or fearful thinking. For me my anxiety creeps up when I am obsessing over an issue or doing too much "what if" thinking. I can spiral into an anxious depressive mood real fast.
    I do a lot of self talk to be honest. Try and stay away from too much caffeine and try and examine my thoughts as to just what is bothering me and forget about the rest for that moment until I can come up with a solution to work out the real issue. Often times when I sit in quiet, the answer and relief comes right then.
    Sometimes though, it's just because I need more sleep.

  5. I have mild anxiety, I worry about the future sometimes and have a lot of trouble going one day at a time. What helps me is talking to someone when it gets the better of me, listening to my favorite music, taking a relaxing bath and because I'm religious, reading the bible. Those things seem to help the most!

  6. I feel you! We all have hidden pressures to deal with. I have let a lot of things build up this past week and I didn't get to the gym at all. I really noticed the difference. Excercise really helps, so does coffee. I know caffiene is something to avoid when you are anxious, but for me it gives me more energy to deal with the issues I have. Like tea, it is nice and warm and I think that helps too. Also, I keep a journal with me now, that helps more than I thought it would.

  7. Oh my word...I have been so worried and stressed out by life lately! It's amazing how true it is that it pours when it much all at once. I'm working 40 hour day job, plus studying about 16-20 hours a week to pass a highly difficult federal licensing exam that ensures I keep my job. Plus trying to take care of home and hubby, be there for my family and in-laws as they are going through hard times, caring for a friend whose mom is dying of brain cancer, and keeping up with the countless other people in life who are asking for me. Sometimes I feel like my brain never gets a chance to slow down from's burdening. But I definitely try to keep sane and keep energized by sleeping at least 6 hours a night, drinking lots of tea nad steamed soy milk, doing pilates/yoga/ballet, and READING. I don't think I'd manage without good books :)

    <3 Cambria

  8. Working out is my #1 form of stress relief. I have had severe anxiety issues in the past that have actually led to something of a depression and have caused panic attacks. I'm a worrier! We have a lot of stress going on at my house right now, but exercise helps - so does shopping - and taking some time to be grateful for everything in my life. I am thankful to have the opportunity to work even if that means I stress about finding a job. I am thankful for my good health even if I am struggling with liver disease. It's all about finding the positive things.
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  9. Its not good advise but I eat or shop.
    Getting a facial is usually the next best thing to do for me.

  10. Cup of tea helps me too and thinking about happy things helps too! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  11. My sister has an anxiety disorder. So does my boyfriend. My mother is a total worry-wart and one of these days her high blood pressure is going to catch up with her! I feel for you. While I've certainly felt anxiety from time to time I've managed to get a hold of it. I suppose I've always felt faith. Not faith in the religious sense of the word but rather, faith in the context of believing everything is going to be alright. I also enjoy keeping a journal, going on long walks, blogging, painting and cooking. Plenty of rest and exercise and healthy diet - with little caffein all contribute to a life with little worry and stress.

    I hope everything in your life is going smoothly and that this post wasn't inspired by something particularly difficult you're going through...

    You are a person who lives authentically. Your blog is sincere. You are obviously a strong person. All the people I mentioned above have your qualities. Some people by nature are just more likely to worry. I think this blog including your regular posts "things I saw today" must be a great help. They force you to live in the moment and appreciate beauty rather than allow your thoughts to get away from you... Hope this post of yours is helpful!

  12. Hey, I can relate to you on this one lol! I also suffer from anxiety and have picked up several tips that I have used in therapy sessions with my clients. The most helpful one I find is to de some grounding work, which is basically deep breathing with some mindfulness meditation. It really calms me down when I'm anxious because of the crowds on the streetcar or when I am nervous to do public speaking etc.

  13. Reading and napping. When my anxiety reaches n. breakdown stages, I resort to the Course in Miracles, which turned my life around 15 years ago.

  14. Lots of trips to Disney World. :) OK, and I also meditate and go on long walks outside.

  15. Riding my motorcycle with those horrible earbuds inserted and some bass-pumping dance music egging me on. Fast or slow works equally as well. Fast is fun. Slow lets me look at cows and other important stuff. Oh, and when the anxiety is really high, nothing beats a good margarita.

  16. "People don't see it because I'm calm on the outside."

    YES! You are always so seemingly even and reserved. I would never have imagined that you would be experiencing such inner turmoil.

    I try to shut my noise off with cookies. Not sure I recommend that, though :)

  17. Running , although it took me till my forties to discover that. And talking to my husband who has the knack of making it all feel better. I am a very lucky woman.


  18. Anxiety has been my constant companion as long as I can remember. Sometimes it's more manageable than others - and sometimes it needs professional help. But I do try to use it for good; I can make use of it a uber-productivity tool sometimes, like some of your other readers :P