Monday, March 28, 2011

Jessica Simpson Collection

There's money in fashion.  Lots of money.

Several news reports (here and here) are revealing that Jessica Simpson's clothes made $750 Million dollars last year and her company is expected to gross over one BILLION dollars next year.  Wow, that's a lot of money.

Simpson's company sells a wide range of goods, from junior sportswear and dresses to handbags, fashion jewelry, intimate apparel and fragrances.  Over 20 licensing agreements have been signed to produce Jessica Simpson merchandise, with home furnishings, cosmetics and men’s wear planned for the future.

I personally have a soft spot in my closet for Jessica's clothes because her style appeals to me and my all-time favorite dress is from her collection.  In case you forgot, here's what it looks like:

Do you have anything from her collection?  What do you think of it?


  1. I like her line too ... It has great items and wallet friendly too. I am not surprised that she is doing so well. The dress you are wearing is such a timeless piece. And I like the yellow belt on it :)

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  2. I'm not sure they sell it here, but I do have her lip glosses and edible fragrance :)

  3. I think her boots and shoes are really cute
    I do own a pair of her shoes

  4. I have some amazing shoes of hers that I love. Who ever does the main designing for her shoe line is a genius.


  5. I adore that dress & that pic of you!!!

    I always want to buy some of her pumps when I pass them in the mall but I never have. I have heard her jeans are awesome though and that dress you have is just sooooo cute :)

  6. I like your dress a lot but I love it that you've paired it with a yellow belt!
    And I guess I'm the only one around here who doesn't know who J. Simpson is... right?
    So thanx for the post! Kisses

  7. I have a handbag and about 30 pairs of her shoes and it is all Fabulous!!

  8. I just ordered my first pair of shoes from her! I can't wait for them to arrive, I am sure I will love them!

  9. I have these red high heels I refer to as my "mixer shoes" because I only wore them to sorority mixers. They were SO comfy and super super sexy.

  10. holy mother, that's a lot of money! i had no idea her line made that much. that dress looks great on you. love it! i have a pair of her shoes, they are sky high, just like i like 'em.
    <3 mode.

  11. I have had a couple of her shoes (I think I still have one pair), and I've seen lots of her clothes in the consignment stores.

  12. I love that dress on you, both the fit and the pattern!!
    I bought a wool fitted fancy coat a few years ago that was a Jessica Simpson and I loved it, although it was offwhite and the color did nothing for me so i sold it at a consignment store.. better than leave it sit in my closet all by its self... her stuff is cute for sure!!!

    and talk about making da money!! OIY I am in the wrong business... LOL

  13. I didn't even know that she designs clothes! But I like what I'm seeing from the website. I think I would buy some stuff if they would sell them in germany.

  14. I don't have anything from her collection, but I would to own something someday. I think she has great style.

  15. Wow! That's definitely a lot of money... amazing. I have a pair of red heels from her collection. I've had them for years and just love them!

    Love that dress by the way!

  16. I love that dress. I have a soft spot for houndstooth print.
    I've tried a few of her shoes, but I'm a little stiletto phobic :)
    I'm going to have to check out her clothes.
    No More Sweatpants

  17. i think she is doing a good job her market is growing! I love her stuff too! I own a pair of pumps from her but sold it bec the shoe size usually runs 1-1/2" bigger, I still own a flats from her and thinking to buy a dany. I care more for shoes thank clothes.You look awesome in that dress esp with the yellow belt!

  18. Now that I think of it - no , I do not have anything from Jessica Simpson !
    However I see the brand a lot in stores...