Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Female Life

I read a study recently on the time women spend getting ready to go to work. 

It reported that the majority of women spend the most time on Mondays, a little less on Tuesdays, etc.  On Fridays, they spend an average of only half the time they used getting ready for Monday.

Is this true?  And, if so, why? 


  1. Hey Shy! I really have never thought about it! When I had a job in an office, I remember I'd cut down on my preparation time to get some more sleep!! (all days actually!). I even applied my make-up in the car (!) while a friend was driving us there! Now I don't have that kind of job anymore, so... Interesting though, I'm waiting for other comments!

  2. Hmm.. it probably is true. Because it's so hard to get back to work/school on Mondays.. and then you take a little longer to prep yourself.. because well for me applying make up is a sort of relaxing ritual before I 'jump' into the everyday life.. :)

  3. I spend as much time as time will allot. It also depends on what I need to do each day. Generally, I take about 20 minutes. If it is something super important, than it might be a half hour. If it is just running errands, it might be 5-10 minutes.
    I'm pretty simple.
    (Most of the time.)

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  4. I am not a working lady now, but base fr the past yrs when i was working, i felt great starting my day on mondays, it felt like it was a big preparation for me because of the fun or the relaxation i did on the weekends. it drives me more motivated and more energetic, more excited to start the work i am doing, then come teusdays, i lose some excitement w the thought that i still have 3 more working days before weekend comes (ways to go)..the thought tires me a bit...friday,it felt like i wanna end this day so fast, uhmm if i want to prepare myself for this, i would reserve it for the evenings of the weekend, where fun wc i was looking forward is here again=)

  5. Hmmm ... possibly true, because Friday is more casual so not as much effort is exerted ... how horrid. But I think Monday is the 'rush' of the lot and Tuesday I tend to spend more time, but that's also due to our clients coming in for meetings so i do put a little more effort/thought into my looks - but it's all mood and time dependent.


  6. Sounds interesting. I have no idea if it's true. I'll check this week and see if that's the case.


  7. You guys are my research-group. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    I want to learn this stuff (the life-experiences of women) so I can acquire a better understanding of your lives. You fascinate me and, truth be told, I want to be more like you.

  8. I must be the exception, because I think my appearance GREATLY improves the later in the week it gets. Monday morning, I am rolling out of bed, angry that I have to get up and go anywhere, struggling to get myself ready and my pets taken care of and get out the door, picking up whatever looks clean from the floor. lol By the end of the week, I'm sick of not caring and usually put a little more effort into my appearance. :)

  9. I am with Jenarcissist on this one. My appearance improves as the week gets closer to the end.

  10. I think it is because I hit snooze more the later in the week it is.

    Also during the weekend I misplace all my stuff and I have to go looking for it Monday morning--making it take longer. By Friday it is all in normal spots for work getting ready.

  11. I would say its probably to make a good impression at the start of the week but I think I'm the exact opposite. Mondays I can barely get myself out of bed lol

  12. ha! i can totally see this being true. i feel like every monday people want to start the week with their best foot forward. i don't have to go to an office anymore and it's been awhile since i've had to, but when i used to, i think i cared the most on mondays about what i looked like. sure, sometimes i wouldn't get up in time or i was way too tired, but most often i would plan for monday on sunday night. i was usually more prepared and cared a little more about how i looked which likely meant it took me longer to get ready. i felt like it also helped mondays feel a little less drab and sucky. i always hated that i had to go to work again after the weekend, but looking good and feeling good always made the day more fun.

    thats my take on it!!!

    thanks for the sweet tweet btw. =)

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  13. I had never given it much thought.
    HOwever I plan my outfits 90% of the time which gives me a little more time in the mornings...
    But I can usually be ready in 20 to 30 minutes.
    Make up and all!

  14. I think I take equal amount of time everyday. So really wouldn't know. It might be true for most women though ...

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  15. I am pretty sure I spend the same amount of time every day on my make-up
    Only takes longer if I am going out for something special.

  16. Hm, since I don't have to travel to campus on Mondays and Fridays, I likely don't fit the typical profile. It's true though that I am more thorough on Tuesdays, than I will be by Thursdays.

  17. I have never really thought about it. I think I spend an equal amount of time each day to get ready, but if I'm going out for a drink or something then I spend a little more time.

  18. Ahem, I don't do more than lip gloss (on a good day) and combing my hair any day. I think I let the side down oops.

  19. My morning routine takes longer than my evening routine so that's why it takes some time. However, I still don't do as much as most other women seem to do so I cut down my time that way :P