Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Is Coming!

It's almost here!

What are you doing?  Going to any parties?

Are you dressing up?  As what? 

(My costume is shown below.)

To check on the size of my Halloween costume, I tried it on a few days in advance.  Here it is.

I'm dressing up as Alice Kramden from "The Honeymooners," which was a classic TV show from the 1950's starring Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden.  Alice is his wife.

The joke of the show is that Alice is the smarter of the two, even though she is "only" a traditional housewife.  Ralph always gets into trouble and Alice, who warns him beforehand, pulls him out of the fire.  Despite quarrels, Ralph ends every show by admitting his error, conceding he should have listened to Alice, and professing his love for her.  Now, isn't that nice?!

Of course, I won't lug our real vacuum-cleaner around on Halloween due to its weight, but I'm going to look in toy stores for a light plastic toy one to complete the costume.


  1. that is excellent!! i totally adore it. :)
    little tip: toys R us carries a mini version of a dirt devil that runs on batteries & actually vaccuums very very small ammounts of dust. heh, my daughter has it. it's red & would look fabulous with your costume. happy halloween!

  2. Neat costume. I have that same vacuum. =)

  3. This costume looks great on you! I love the idea of finding a toy lux - such a good idea and be much better than carrying a real one.

    Ahh lux = vacuum cleaner :P

  4. Fantastic outfit! And the vaccuum is a great touch. =]
    I'm not actually doing Halloween this yearI don't think. I'm up at David's for the weekend and I think we may just go out for dinner.

  5. What a great idea! :D I wish I could do something as creative this halloween.

  6. Tamara and anyone else: why don't you be a Chilean miner? That'd be topical and easy to do.

  7. Looks good! Do they actually sell Alice Kramden Halloween outfits, or did you just kind of put this together yourself?

    I'm not dressing up! OMG--I know.

  8. You pulled it off perfectly!!! And I so want that purple vacuum! lol :P

    Thanks for all of your kind comments, you always are so positive, thanks for all the support! :)

  9. That is an awesome outfit! "To the moon, Alice!"

    I have my costume on for work today - I'm probably going to be the only person dressed up. Ha!

  10. Haha that is awesome! you look beautifull!

  11. How very clever.... I love costumes that have an origin and are not the usual vampire or devil :) Well done.
    I am not dressing up to go anywhere but since kids come by I get a kick out of scaring them so I might just drag myself to the door in a white gown with my hair over my face... and be SAMARA from the Ring.

  12. Costume looks great! I'm dressing up as a Japanese Gothic Lolita.. so should be fun - am going to the Weta Party (they do all the effects on movies eg Lord of the Rings) which is themed "Carnival of Horrors". I'm looking forward to cotton candy and lollies scattered across the bar.. mmmmm

  13. I am such a nerd, but is that a Dyson! If it's the vacuum in particular I totally love that one. (I used to be a professional maid, give me a break! ;o)

  14. Love your costume!! I'm being a nerd...haha.

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  15. Is your wife going as Ralph?

    Love the costume, btw... but wasn't her hair a little different?

    Our Halloween pics should go up Sunday, we are going to a party tomorrow.

  16. Yes, Robin is going to be Ralph. She says she's always wanted to be Ralph and she's not giving up the chance this year.

    Yes, Alice had tight curls on the top of her head. I have no idea how to duplicate those and nobody sells a wig with that dated hairdo.

  17. Sweet! At least one of us is celebrating Halloween. Also, is that a Bissel vacuum cleaner? It looks exactly like the one I just bought except in a different colour.

  18. Marvelous!! Alice typified the 50's feminist! The closet intellectual, disguised as a housewife.

    I dressed as a wood nymph by the name of Clary Sage. I'll see if someone took a picture.

    Happy Hallows Eve!

  19. You're right, Scout: Alice was a real feminist.

    I'd love to see a picture of your costume.