Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fashion Blog Cards

I'm so proud of myself!

After thinking about something for a while, a bright idea came to me out of the blue.  Then, I implemented the idea and its execution was smooth and easy.  Best of all, it cost nothing!

Here's where I started... I love my blog and I love telling people about it.  In person, when I'd gush about the blog, I was stymied as to how to communicate the long URL.  Saying it orally made no sense since I wanted people to be able to remember it easily.  Then, after considering analogous situations, I thought -- how about a business card?!  People can take it home and check out your blog with ease.  Plus, making the card is fun.

With the standard word-processing program on my computer, I created a "Fashion Blog Card" with little effort.  All you need to remember is that business cards are 2 inches by 3 1/2 inches, so that is your area to work within.  You want the card to fit in a recipient's wallet; this standard size makes sense.

The design of the card is up to you.  Mine is shown below.  I added a little color to the font to make it interesting.

I printed the cards on white cardstock (which is cheap and available at any stationery store), using my inexpensive color printer.  They look great.  There was no need to go to a professional printer and spend money on a gazillion cards.  Doing it yourself means you print only the few cards you'll need.

Here we go.  What do you think?  Maybe you should make some!


  1. Nice! I just made some a few weeks ago and I'm really proud of mine, too. :) I think it's very good for pun intended!

  2. Fantastic idea and they look great! I love the pink touch too, it makes them look more unique!

  3. I thought I was the first person to come up with this but I see that great minds think alike. I'd love to see how yours came out, Ashley; maybe you could post a picture or mail one to me. I'd reciprocate, of course.

  4. Who would you hand these out to? I've always wanted to do this, but not sure how to go about it.

  5. I was just thinking this morning about handpainting some business cards--I'm a musician, makeup artist, model, and artist, so it made sense to show off the artsiness with a bit of handpainted individuality on each card--I'm thinking about doing it this afternoon.

  6. That's a great idea! ^^
    I always wanted to have a buissnes card, but I'd never have the guts to give it to anyone. xD (you see, I don't have that much self esteem when it comes to my blog).

    But thumbs up for you, maybe I get inspired by your action and do some myself!

  7. I hope I haven't confused anyone: it's not that I'm going to hang out on a street-corner and thrust cards into strangers' faces!

    The cards are for when I'm already chatting with someone about my blogging and simply want to conclude the conversation with information on how they can view it.

    I've had several occasions recently, when seeing old friends at social events, where they asked what I was up to recently and I answered about my blogging and how happy it's making me. My friends were thrilled to hear that and were eager to learn more. Giving them a card is merely a way to convey the info efficiently.

  8. I've thought about doing this, it does sound fun to make them!

  9. Omg what a great idea!!! Gwah! I am going to have to add these to the to-do list!

  10. I made up business cards about 8 months ago (here's a picture of them - I posted it on my blog a couple of months ago:

    I give them out to sales clerks or anyone who wants to check out my blog. I love yours!

    FYI, both Publisher and Word have templates for business cards (Publisher has all kinds of pre-done colours and designs too that you can play with). No need to do anything too difficult with measuring. :)

  11. Great cards, Sheila! Pretty design.