Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fashion Daredevil

I'm breaking the rules.  Several of 'em.

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm experimenting. 

Yes, I know the skirt is too short.  Yes, I know you're not "supposed" to wear different shades of red together.  And yet...

I want to see what happens when I do odd things.  Sometimes unconventional ideas turn out to work well.  And sometimes they fall flat.  That's why it's called an "experiment."

The worst that can happen is you'll say I have bad taste.  I can handle that.  It's not like anyone is paying me money for fashion advice.  I'll keep my day-job just in case...


  1. Uau! You are adorable! I'm in love with your looks! Oh, this red (?)legs(?) are wonderful, sorry, i forgot the name XD Well, You are wonderful!!!


  2. Love everything from the waist up... that's something would wear. From the waist down is cute also, but a completely different outfit.

    Now something completely different- I hope you didn't see the scary boob pic I just took down! Posting that was a big mistake!

  3. Experimentation is a good thing. Who knows, you might come up with something really cool! I love the red tights with the red boots.

  4. I don't think it's bad taste, necessarily. As you've already stated, the skirt is a bit short, but I think what really throws the whole thing off - for me - is the shoes. Normally the pointed toe is meant to slenderize, but I think with your proportions a little more substance to ground you might work out better. (Though I think the shoes would go fine with something with more length and volume!)

  5. It's not fair - you have such gorgeous legs :_(

  6. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I appreciate all reactions, even negative ones, 'cause this is a learning experience for me and hearing what doesn't work helps as much as the converse.

    I think Lawyerdoll and Serena might be right at what they hint at: this is really two different outfits conjoined at the waist. The top up is conservative; the bottom down is racy. Combining them is Frankensteinian-surgery. It'd probably be better to separate the two.

    That's an interesting point about the booties, Alya. I hadn't considered it at all before, but you may be right. Thanks!

  7. On an unrelated topic: yes, Lawyerdoll, I saw that pic on your blog. But what's gone is gone, washed away by the tide.

    I applaud your good sense in taking it down, something I sometimes lack in posting rashly.

  8. I love the red legs and booties - that's a classic bottom look that you can rock with several other styles.

    The top half is a little too "old lady" for my taste - you seem much more fun than the top projects. The white skirt reminds me of one I had in the 80s (just bad if you have hips!).

    I love seeing your experiments! You don't have to defent yourself. :)

  9. Hmm. I think maybe with black booties, this would work out really well. I don't think it's necessarily the shape of the shoes, but the red + red is a little too overwhelming when there's also pink thrown in there, too. I like the length of the skirt, though. I have a mini skirt on right now. But then again, I've been dressing like a bit of a floozy recently.

  10. i actually like the 2 reds together..its unexpected!