Monday, October 11, 2010

French Cuffs

Early in life, I exhausted the sartorial possibilities available in menswear. I recently showed you my neckties which are my primary area for creative expression.

Here is a second area where men can play a little: shirt-cuffs. I love cufflinks and they come in all kinds. I even have one imitating a speedometer! (They are the blue ones shown below.) I got those cufflinks when I started riding motorcycles.

To wear cufflinks, you need to get shirts with French cuffs. They're not easy to find these days since most men don't wear them. Regular cuffs have a button and hole; French cuffs have just holes into which you insert the cufflinks. (They fold over so there are actually four holes for the cufflinks to go through.)

I've never seen a woman wear French cuffs but I don't see why one couldn't -- if you're wearing a men's shirt, what's to stop you? Would you wear one?


  1. Ooh, boy bling! :) I would absolutely!

  2. First of all - so happy you moved your blog. :) I had a lot of trouble posting to your other one. Love this one! Now, I'm a follower!

    Secondly, I adore French cuffs. My husband wears cufflinks all the time (he has an amazing collection, including a pair just like those rhinestone ones). I also have a couple of cuffed shirts, so I do borrow the look. I wish more women's shirts had them!

  3. i would...but when i wear button down shirts i almost always roll the sleeves up to about a quarter sleeve length...and i would love to be your personal shopper haha...i think thats a career path i should consider!

  4. :) I'm glad you've joined blogger. I think you'll like it.

    I would love to wear cufflinks. I've never given it much thought, really, since I don't personally know any guys that wear them but it would be cool to see a woman rocking them.

  5. If you get a shirt with French cuffs, Bri, I'll send you some cufflinks!

  6. I would love to wear french cuffs and cuff-links. there are so many cool ones on etsy that my bf would not wear, wish I had shirts with french cuffs.

    I am following you now. So happy you moved. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  7. Men in cufflink shirts are just the business. There's something just perfect about it and it just looks so classy and smart.
    I probably wouldn't wear them just because it's special to see a man in them, so I wouldn't want to see me in them and ruin that specialness. =]

  8. That's a sweet attitude, Poppy. I understand it perfectly.

  9. I just came back from you tie post and you have quite a collection.
    I totally have to say that in my humble opinion, men's clothes are boring and it's just an endless repetitive. So I totally get why the ties are an opportunity to set yourself apart and make a statement.
    Whenever I have to pick my husband a present it's like, "ok, what will I get him, a polo or a shirt for work" -
    Anyways I love, love shirts with French cuffs my husband also has a few and I think they look updated, exclusive, elegant and totally raise the bar. Indeed they are hard to find, believe it or not the last few he picked up at Marshall's-
    Your cufflinks are gorgeous, my favorite is the speedometer pair.
    I usually buy my husband his cufflinks, like you I like them to be different so I picked up some that had the @ sign and also silver ones from Peru-
    I have (or had?) a white French cuff shirt and wore it a lot. I am actually wondering is where it is right now....

  10. I agree with you, Lorena, on all counts. You should dig that white shirt out of the back of the closet and build a cute outfit around it!

  11. I know menswear is not your ideal when it comes to dressing, but I think it's wonderful that you find ways to make the most of it. I really admire that. First with the ties, and now with the cufflinks... You know how to make an outfit snazzy and completely your own even if it's really more of a "uniform" situation.

    By the way, I am loving that you are now hosted by blogger! It's nice to be able to pull your pictures up bigger and get the real idea. And the pink background is really fun ;)

  12. Thanks, Meg. Your opinion mean a lot to me.