Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Hot Dogs Made In Beer

With pandemic restrictions, we're bored and need diversion. So I came up with an idea. It's actually an old idea which I transported into this new decade -- and it works.

Back in the Sixties and Seventies, there was a popular restaurant chain named Lum's. Their famous dish was hot dogs made in beer. They steamed frankfurters in the stuff. The beer's flavor infuses the franks. Memory of eating at Lum's with my parents put an idea in my head.

This week I made hot dogs and used beer instead of water. (I boiled 'em.) The process was easy and inexpensive. I recently bought a six-pack of German lager at LIDL at a very low price so using beer didn't cost much. And it enhances the flavor of the dogs and plumps them up. Of course you can dress your hot dog any way you like, such as adding mustard, onions, cheese and avocado.

What new ideas have you come up with during the pandemic?


  1. Yes! I actually cook brauts this way- fry 'em up in a skillet with a thin layer of beer! SO tasty!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. Sounds like a great idea, only as a Belgian I would never use German beer. Obviously :-) xxx

  3. This is absolutely genius and now I need to try it!! Can't say I've been coming up with any new ideas. I wish I could bake more but I feel like I'm just as busy as before the pandemic!

  4. I do remember Lums. Great dogs. Over in Westbury there was a place called the Dog House and I think that they did the same thing.

    I have used beer to cook up dogs. I put the dogs in a pot with sauerkraut and add just enough beer be get a steamy boil going.

    A couple of times a summer I put on a clam bake. Perhaps some potatoes (very optional) at the bottom of the big lobster pot, then some corn on the cob, cut in half, then clams and mussels, followed by some scallops and shrimp and topped with live lobsters. Add some cheap beer to get a steam boil going and a good dose of Old Bay and you have the perfect patio meal. sometimes I have to offer to do a clam bake to get the kids to take the long drive to visit the old folks. It needs to be eaten outside since it is high on taste and equally high on making a mess

  5. LUMS!
    Have not thought of them guys in years!
    In 1973, I worked in a Hi-Fi Stereo/record store, and we would drive a mile west on the freeway to LUMS.
    Lunch was 'dogs and SCHOONERS (their term for their uniquely shaped stemmed-goblets)of BEER.
    Back then, the drinking age was 18, so after lunch, it was back to pushing high-end stereo amps, while seriously buzzed.
    Given the matter that I drove an OLDS 442,(455cuin.V8) (gas was 0.23 a gallon)the trip back to work was a whole lot more interesting than the trip to LUMS.
    The freeway got widened, and LUMS is buried somewhere under the adjacent exit.
    Thanks for the mind-fart!

  6. Never had hotdogs with beer but i can see the appeal!

    Your story reminds me of a place I grew up.going to in La Grange called Charley Joseph's! It's sort of a 50's style hotdog and hamburger joint (though it's been around since the 20s), but the biggest draw was the glass bottled cokes.

  7. OMG that sounds amazing. I like hot dogs. I like beer. I am DOWN for this!

  8. What a clever twist on a classic summertime meal. This makes one wonder, what other foods - particularly meats - would be well served by being cooked in a bath of beer?

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

  9. INtriguing! I would like to try them! You are so imaginative!
    I haven't had any amazing ideas during lockdown but I have made Nettle soup lots of times!! I've also perfected the art of collecting the shower water to water the garden to be a bit eco-friendly!